Cartel by Lili Saint Germain, PRE-RELEASE DAY BLITZ

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Are you ready for Mariana’s story in this heart-wrenching NEW series!?

RELEASE DATE: January 27th

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Excerpt #1

‘This isn’t a fairytale,’ Dornan said wryly, as he watched her bring the soup-soaked bread to her mouth.

She paused with the bread in her hand, looking around the room in mock surprise. ‘You mean, we’re not Beauty and the fucking Beast?’

He laughed.

‘Well, you’re certainly beautiful,’ he said.

‘And you’re definitely a beast,’ she countered, pushing her empty bowl away and resting back on the bed.

‘But there’s no happy ever after for you,’ Dornan added, his eyes trailing over the chains to reach the cuffs that were now permanent bracelets on her wrists.

‘No,’ she said evenly, matching his intense gaze. ‘Not for any of us. Not in this world.’

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My name is Mariana Rodriguez.

I used to be just like you – a regular girl, with a regular life.

But it was all a lie.

Nothing about my life was normal.

It was all make believe.

It was good, while it lasted.

But now?

Reality’s caught up to my family.

It was always just a matter of time.

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Want more Cartel? Read Chapter One HERE:

The gypsy brothers series add sb

Additional Books including these characters

Gypsy Brothers Series by Lili Saint Germain

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, Book One) FREE

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Six Brothers (Gypsy Brother, Book Two) ONLY $0.99

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Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers, Book Three) ONLY $0.99

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Four Score (Gypsy Brothers, Four) ONLY $0.99

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Three Years (Gypsy Brothers, Book Five) ONLY $0.99

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Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers, Book Six) ONLY $0.99

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One Love (Gypsy Brothers, Book Seven)

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B & N:



View an amazing fan made trailer here:


About the Author:

lili saint germain bio


Lili Saint Germain

Lili writes dark romance, suspense and paranormal stories. Her serial novel, Seven Sons, was released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, good coffee, Tarantino movies and spending hours on Pinterest.


She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest

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A SHOT of SIN by EDEN SUMMERS Tour & Giveaway



A Shot Of Sin
Series: A Vault Of Sin (Book One)
Author: Eden Summers
Publisher: Samhain
back a shot of pure pleasure.
of Sin, Book 1
Petrova is between a rock and the hard place in his pants. Shot of Sin, the
night club he owns with his two best friends, is short one bartender
downstairs. The only available replacement is the upstairs bar manager—the one
woman Leo knows he can’t take downstairs, can’t have, can’t touch. The one time
he gave in to temptation convinced Leo that Shay’s no match for his sexual
a select few know Shot of Sin’s guilty secret, that beneath the packed dance
floor lies a very private sex club—the Vault. The place Leo can let his sexual
proclivities run wild.
Porter is curious as to why her boss, the king of mixed messages, seems almost
desperate to keep her from discovering what’s on the other side of the guarded
door at the back of the club.
out of her comfort zone and into Leo’s arms risks everything. Their friendship,
the Vault, and most of all, their hearts.
This sex club does not carry the government’s stamp of approval. Contains
devilish debauchery, delightful deviance, and dancing on the edge of the
darkest of sexual desires.
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 About Eden Summers


Summers is a true blue Aussie, living in regional New South Wales with her two
energetic young boys and a quick witted husband.

In late 2010, Eden’s romance obsession could no longer be sated by reading
alone, so she decided to give voice to the sexy men and sassy women in her

Eden can’t resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional
heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also
serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.

Eden’s Stalker Links
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Special Edition A Shot of Sin Metal Books

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Dreams Do Come True (Through His Lens Book 1) by Tonya Kinzer, Release Blast & Giveaway

Dreams Do Come True - Blast Banner copy

Dreams Do
Come True (Through His Lens Book 1)

by Tonya Kinzer

Kindle Edition, 65 pages
Published January 20th 2015 by
Swallowtail Productions LLC
WLK synopsis
Cover - Dreams Do Come True

Sandi and Kiera are best friends
and live together in Sandi’s apartment. Sandi is a successful model and her
photographer is in need of more models. She’s had strong feelings for Kiera
ever since they moved in together, but she’s kept those feelings to
herself. She’d like nothing better than to help Kiera realize she’d be
better off with a female who loved her. A second job as a model would allow
her to save more money and realize how beautiful she is.

Sandi’s relationships with men were ruined long before she even hit her
teens and the men in Kiera’s life only keep her around when they need to
abuse someone. Kiera has tried to make her relationships work, yet unsure
of why they don’t.

Can they become closer if they shared even more? Read the beginning of the
story and see what you think. This is part of book one in my new series,
Through His Lens.


WLK Author Bio

Tonya writes adult romance fiction, erotica and BDSM with
soft bondage. Those who are like a bit of Dom/sub in their reading will
enjoy her series The Boss’s Pet. She is currently working on book 5 with a
tentative release date of late Nov 2013. In Sept 2013, she released Come
Tame Me, book one in her new erotic western series, Wild Fillies. Feel free
to visit her website, roam her dungeon and check out the rooms she’s create
just for her visitors to enjoy.

Website / Facebook / Twitter


WLK Giveaway

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Heat Wave III by C.J. Evans Release Day


Man and woman

amazon_kindle_button_1Book Blurb

Give me one day, Emerie. One day and I promise you’ll forget all that shit from your past.

A 24 hour agreement. A secluded cabin. Sizzling hot chemistry.

Ryker, the President of the Hell’s Horseman MC, has 24 hours to help Emerie, the new bartender at Gordy’s Saloon, forget the ugliness of her past. The scars and bruises Ryker wears, and the danger that follows him, only add to his sex appeal, and Emerie finds herself drowning in the sweltering heat that ensues.

This is a stand-alone erotic romance novella. Approx. 15,000 words.





fashion sensual girl in cowboy style


Books in the Series

She’s all about business. He’s all about pleasure.
She likes to play it safe. He lives life on the edge.

When a breathtaking man steps into her view, Jamie Robertson discovers a side of herself she never knew existed. Even behind a thick pane of glass, the man’s harmless flirtation leads to full on seduction.

Amidst an already unbearable heat wave, things are about to get a whole lot hotter.

Warning- Contains adult content. Intended for audiences 18+ only.
This is a stand-alone erotic romance novella.

Buy Volume I


Warning: This title contains an irresistible alpha, sex toys and a weekend full of experimentation.

Pepper McKay has finally broken free from a terrible relationship. She’s found a place of her own and even if it gets a bit lonely, she’s glad to be away from her ex-boyfriend. When Breaker Harrington, the incredibly handsome, roguish, black sheep heir to the Breaker Harrington fortune, moves in next door, Pepper finds herself drawn to him. After the heartbreak she’s endured, Breaker is the last thing she needs. But some things are just too tempting to turn down.

The blazing temperature outside is just the start. Things are about to get a whole lot hotter.

Buy Volume II

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More Heated Pleasures by Candy Caine, Blitz & Giveaway

More Heated Pleasures from popular author, Candy Caine. This
collection of red-hot interracial romances features brand new stories…
Forever on My Mind—Feeling
betrayed by her best friend and the love of her life, Tim, Brianna strives to
overcome her heartbreak with nothing but casual sexual relationships. But when
Tim comes back into her life years later, can she deny the heat, the passion,
the tenderness she experiences at the sinfully skillful hands of the only man
she’s ever loved?


Staying Focused—Darla’s
photography profession exposes her to some of the hunkiest  male models in Manhattan. And when one hazel-eyed
sex magnet begins to haunt her dreams, she can’t resist living out her fantasy
when he boards the same deserted subway car she takes home late one evening…


Afternoon Delight—What
the postman sees Mabel do every afternoon on his delivery route makes him
decide to deliver more than letters to her…


Sleeping With the Boss—Fantasizing
about her boss leads Bethany to a mind-blowing interlude with the tall,
handsome man. Imagine her shock when her gorgeous, blue-eyed husband later
whispers, “I know what you did today,” and begins to make passionate love to


The Dinner Party—Trapped
in an elevator for two hours with a sexy stranger, makes this Ann’s most
unforgettable ride….
“…Candy Caine once
again hits the right erotic sweet spots…”
Cynthia White, author of Awakened Desire.


Excerpt from Afternoon Delight  
As Mabel’s computer booted, she gloried in the beautiful spring day. A squirrel dropped from a tree and scurried away. Her attention swung back to her computer screen. She reread the beginning of the chapter where she’d stopped writing the day before and thought for several minutes about where she wanted to go with the story. Her threesome had been getting it on and she needed to finish the scene.
       In her fertile mind, she choreographed her characters having one woman ride the man’s hard dick, as the other woman lowered her body so that her pussy was over his face. She pictured them doing this for several minutes before one or both of them climaxed and then they shifted position. She felt as if she was some kind of benevolent goddess who bestowed pleasurable favors on her characters. Like Matthew said: “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them…” Then she grinned like a Cheshire Cat.
       Mabel stories were so hot that she became horny. After all, how could she not get involved, especially when her characters were scorching their sheets? She always tried to write at least a thousand words a day, but usually stopped when she realized her concentration was wavering. That’s when she usually rewarded herself with her own little fuck fest.
       She rose and took off her robe. Gathering her sex toys, which consisted of vibrators and rubber cocks, she made herself comfortable on her day bed. What she was about to do could also be listed under the term research, for she had the mirror set strategically across from the bed so she could watch herself.
        Already creaming, Mabel knew she’d come quickly, but wanted to keep her orgasm at bay as long as she could. Picturing her characters in her mind, she walked her fingers through her ample black bush. With two fingers she spread her pussy lips apart, noting how wet and lubricated it was. Slowly, she began to stroke her already engorged clit. “Oh, yees,” she said, closing her eyes. She fanned and gently twisted each of her nipples as she began to rub her pleasure nub.
       Pushing one of her rubber cocks inside of her steaming opening, she felt herself being consumed by the pleasure and knew she was close. Taking her vibrator, she pressed it up against the base of her clit as she continued to pump herself with the cock. Within seconds, pleasure radiated from her pussy to all parts of her body as she came and kept on coming.
      While Mabel was enjoying herself, the postman came to deliver a registered letter, which required her signature. After knocking on the front door without getting an answer, he walked around to the back door and stopped dead in his tracks.
       Through the glass-enclosed sunroom he saw Mabel pleasuring herself. She couldn’t see him from where he was standing, but he could surely see her in all her glory. With a twitching
prick pushing hard against the confines of his pants, he looked around realizing how secluded they were. His broad face broke into a huge smile.
       He freed his tool and slid his fingers around its thickened shaft. Precum glistened on his fleshy head as he began to stroke, never taking his eyes off of Mabel. The excitement of masturbating in the open like that caused his breath to quicken as he beat his meat faster. He turned and shot his wad into the bushes. Then he left, having to come back for her signature the following day.
       The following day started out just like the day before. Mabel rose, took her leisurely shower, had breakfast and went to write in her sunroom. Again, she reviewed what she had written the day before and made a few corrections before continuing on. And just like yesterday, when she became horny, she stopped writing and took out her toys.
        It was about that time when the mail truck pulled to the curb in front of Mabel’s house. The postman took the registered letter from his mail sack and got out of his truck. He went up her front walk and knocked on her door. He smiled when she didn’t answer. Was it possible for a replay of yesterday? He pondered this thought with a great deal of anticipation as he strolled to the back of her house.,,
For Your Love ★★★★★
“What would you do and how far would you go for love? With great wit, twists and turns, a cast of well-crafted characters you’ll want to cheer for, (and some you won’t), Candy Caine’s delightful story asksand answers this age-old question.” —Niambi Brown Davis, Author of Sanctuary
For Your Love ★★★★★
A sexy, fabulous read. I couldn’t put it down. I was disappointed that the book ended when it did. I could have read on.” —Bertrice Small, Best-selling author of Skye O’Malley


Whether she’s writing a short story or novel, Candy Caine will make her interracial romances hot and spicy. Always striving to entertain her readers, Candy tries to breathe life into her characters, making life often interesting for her husband, Robert back in their home on Long Island, NY. And both are trying to teach their fifteen-year old yellow Lab, Sammy, new tricks.
Candy loves to hear from her readers.
You can reach her at
Visit her website at
TOTE BAG +paperback copies of STICKY GIRLS,

Enchant by Rachel Van Dyken Surprise Release


Stand Alone Prequel to the Eagle Elite Series
In the mafia…only the strong survive.
Joyce loves Luca.
Luca loves Joyce.
Frank loves his family and will do anything to protect it, even if it means taking away his brothers reason for existing.
Falling, only takes one step, one movement of the chess piece, and in Joyce’s fall she took more than just one heart with her. Go back to the beginning where the drama of the Elect all starts.
Go back to the first part of the story.
Where true love tried to conquer all.
Where true love…failed.

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at





HELL’S INK by Nicole Reed, Release Day Blitz & Giveaway

hell's ink banner
hell's ink it's live

Congrats & Happy Release to Nicole Reed!
Hell’s Ink is LIVE!
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Goodreads Link:

hell's ink


In this Brotherhood you live or die by the three-piece patch. For Hold Dawson, Vice-President of the Hells Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, it’s not just black ink tattooed on his body, but the religion he worships, and the law that governs his life. Nothing else matters. Family by choice and not by blood. More sacred than a shared name. Bound by respect. Loyal to death.
Unity. Respect.
Love. Devotion.

But there’s another side to this life. One the President, Hold’s own father, lives and regulates by.

Merciless. Wrathful.
Murderous. Dishonest.

It’s blood in and blood out and only one man gets to be king.
hell's ink teaser 2

Excerpt: Meet Hold
He watched her slender artist’s hand caress her taut, tattooed abdomen, instantly jealous that it wasn’t his own blunt fingers that idly drifted across her silky flesh. Her eyes flickered with awareness to where he stood at the end of the bed watching her. It only made his balls draw up tight. His rock-hard erection jutted outward, thick and long. He couldn’t halt his hand from massaging it with slow, steady jerks. His teeth burrowed painfully into his bottom lip. – Hell’s Ink

hell's ink teaser 3

beautiful ink on sale now.

Additional Books in this Series
Beautiful Ink (Book One) by Nicole Reed
ONLY $0.99

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Barnes & Noble:

nicole read

Author Information
Nicole Reed is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Ruining You. She is a true Southern girl, enjoying life with her husband and three children in the peachy state of Georgia. As a child, she discovered another world between the pages of a book and that has lead to her dream job as a writer. In 2012, she self-published her first book Ruining Me, and then followed it with Ruining You, Cake, and Wasted Heart. Her books have also been listed on the overall Top 100 Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling list. She is represented by Ginger Clark with Curtis Brown, LTD.


Stalk Her: Facebook | Twitter | Email | Website | Goodreads

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