Renewed Faith by Heather Mullins Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Title: Renewed Faith
Series: The Baldoni Files #1.5
Author: Heather Mullins
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Coming Soon!
Cover Designed By: Freya Barker
Angelo Baldoni doesn’t do relationships—he does flings and one-night stands. But it wasn’t always that way. See, Angelo was supposed to have the happily ever after with his childhood sweetheart, Isabella. But that future was lost in an instant and his world crumbled when the love of his life was viciously murdered. Now beaten and broken, his faith lost, he goes through the motions of everyday life.
Mia Bailey is an outspoken, headstrong woman with a heart of gold. But having been hurt herself more than once in her life, she has walls up, refusing to let anyone in. Being the newbie of the crime lab, she’s heard all kinds of things about the detectives of the Detroit Police department, but it’s Angelo that calls to her.
When these two are put on a case together, both feel something they want to deny but can’t. With his faith shattered and her protective walls up, will they be able to let their feelings intervene and have renewed faith or will their haunting pasts get the better of them?
Chapter 1
you believe in love at first sight?
Neither do I.  Well, at least I didn
t.  I can
pinpoint the exact day that all my thoughts on the matter changed.  When the ideology of
true love became more of a reality than a myth.
When love at first sight became a name.
Baldoni.  Detective Angelo Baldoni to be
exact.  Hot shot detective for the
Detroit Homicide division.  He embodies
everything I don
t want to find in a man,
but it calls to me like a lighthouse in a storm.  I
ve heard the namethe myth, the man, the legendfrom my colleague, Nate Brennan.  Nate often comes into the office, spouting
the tales of him and his best friends, Angelo and Bobby.  It only fuels the infatuation I
ve started to develop
for Angelo. 
secretly yearn for a chance to work with Angelo, but as luck would have it,
those chances are nearly non-existent.
With me being a rookie and him being a seasoned detective, it doesn
t happen often. Until,
that is, I was finally assigned a case.
I knew it would most likely be menial tasks; tagging bodies, cataloging
evidence, getting coffee for everyone else, but it
s my shot to see the man
in action.  I j
umped on the case and went into it with gusto. 
in the crime lab, the job itself isn
t very rewarding.
Having to mostly rely on the strengths of the entire team, while
constantly worrying about screwing up one minor detail, it
s more stressful than
I was younger, I discovered that I had an ability that not many possess.  It might sound silly, and a lot of people
think I
m just flat out nuts
when I tell them, but I
m able to see the dead.  Well,
maybe not see the dead, per se, but sense them.
Their energy presents itself to me, casting a shadow sometimes, but more
often than not it
s just the feeling that
re with me.  For the longest time, I tried my hardest to
ignore my ability, but the older I get, the more I embrace this sixth
when I walk into the crime scene, an abandoned house, the heaviness of a lost soul
s energy nearly brought me to my knees.  It was almost too much.   It wasnt the first time Id been given a case to
work on, but it would be my first time with Detective Baldoni, and I found
myself wishing, like I had when I was younger, for the energy to go away so I
could focus on my job and nothing else. 
a few deep breathes, I climb the staircase and the moment my feet hit the
landing, the feelings I
d desperately been trying to shake washed over me like a tidal
wave.  Glancing around, I have to choke
back tears, my heart breaking for the loss of life, and in such a horrific
manner.  Nobody deserved to die like
this; brutally murdered and left behind in such deplorable conditions. 
          Im on my knees, deep in
trash when someone almost trips over me. Standing up pissed off, I
m face to face with the
most handsome man I
ve ever seen. Dark chocolate brown eyes stare into mine and Im stunned by the pain I
see in them. It
s not just the deads energy I can feel,
this man is hurting. I literally have to take a step back so that I can catch
my breath and focus.
            Shit, sorry, you okay? Grabbing my arms to steady me, an electrical
charge runs through us both, my skin searing from his touch
Angelo Baldonis touch.
            Im fine, sorry, Sir. Im still staring into his eyes and quickly look down to
avoid his gaze. He releases my arms and I can
t help but feel a little
empty.  As Angelo walks away I take in
the rest of him. The pictures in Nate
s office doesnt do him justice, his black almost blue hair and tan
Italian features set my girlie parts on fire. Thinking about why I
m here, I pull myself together and focus on the task
at hand.
          I work until I see Nate, Angelo and Bobby walk out with the
victim on a gurney. The heaviness in the hallway increases with all sadness and
dread coming off of everyone and it becomes unbearable for me so I hurry
downstairs ahead of them.  It eases up
once I get to the van and I
m able to breathe again.



            As Im putting the evidence I collected in the van, Cody
the head CSI from Lansing, walks up behind me.
Hes a little too close for comfort and he has been
giving off little hints of interest any time we work together. Cody Anderson
reminds me of a surfer, the blonde shaggy hair, ocean blue eyes and cute little
dimples when he smiles. 



            Hey Cody, all set? I shift over so that he
has more room to put his stuff in the back.
            Sure am, how about you? His smile gets to me a
little, it
s sexy.
            Yeah, just finished. Im going to head back and
log in what I
m keeping. Its pretty late, are you and your team heading back tonight? Its snowing so Im hoping they decide to stay over, the roads are
getting bad.
            Is that an invitation sweetheart? He winks letting me know
his is joking
I hope.
            Ha! You wish, it may be safer to crash at a hotel.
d be happy to lock
everything up at the lab for you.
            Thats very nice Mia, thank you. Can I get you coffee in
the morning to show my appreciation?
            I dont drink coffee but you can bring me a medium hot
            You dont drink coffee? He says with a surprised
chuckle. Cody
s a good guy that I hope
never gets hurt. His eyes tell me he
s a happy go lucky guy, total opposite of what I saw
in Angelo
            I hate coffee, I drink tea or cocoadont

I joke.
          Raising his hands in surrender, alright, one hot chocolate for the lady.
Thanks for locking everything up. I
ll go let the guys know we are crashing in the city
tonight. This isn
t going to be fun, see
you in morning.

He walks away with a
little bounce in his step
little too much for the circumstances, but that
s Cody.
          After dropping everything off at the lab and getting things
in their proper places, I make it home around two in the morning. I honestly
thought about just staying there and if I had extra clothes in my locker I
probably would have, but that house was too funky for a lab shower.


hot water feels amazing as I let it run down body. When the water turns cold I
sigh in defeat and get out. The feeling of death will linger, it always does. This
woman was taken violently, her energy
s very heavy. Feeling as clean as Ill get, I set my alarm
to four hours from now and fall asleep with Angelo in my head.  


Heather Mullins has always loved to read and has been writing poems and stories since childhood. She truly enjoys doing so much with other indie authors and fully supports this outstanding community. She uses her outgoing opinionated personality to help write and run multiple blogs.
Heather is a full time student working to get her Bachelors in Human services specializing in substance abuse counseling. She’s an Air Force Veteran and enjoyed fighting for her country. Heather supports many different groups that help out other veterans.
She is a mother of 3 wonderfully crazy kids and has been married for 13 years. When she isn’t playing taxi she is living vicariously through the lives of characters in any number of books.


Accepting Cherry by Chrissy Snyder Blog Tour & Giveaway

Tour Header


Cover flat (2)Blurb:

Twirl me around and watch me spin, a modern day princess lives within…..

Charisa has a perfect life. Just like her favored Princesses, she is living the life every girl dreams of for her very own fairytale, but even the sweetest fairytales must come to an end.

When happiness is at its peak, fate steps in and one by one she loses everything.

Picking up the pieces to a broken life can be long and bumpy. Most often than not things get worse before they get better.

Despite her despair and the hell she’s been through time and time again, she finds love and begins to plan a future as none other than Mrs. Prince Charming.

Convinced she’s going to finally get her happily ever after; fate steps in once again and she suffers betrayal and shame of the greatest degree.


Will she give the idea of love a second chance and find her one and only or will her dark secrets prevent her from truly finding herself?

Behind every prince is a story left untold.

Look behind the mask and you’ll see it unfold.

Sawyer has lived a charmed life. He’s the catch every girl is after when dreaming of her very own storybook ending. In real life though, nothing is like it is in a fairytale. One childhood event can forever affect how a man looks at love and relationships, even a golden guy like Sawyer.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, isn’t that what everyone has always taught in history class? He doesn’t have time for love or commitment. Even the most skeptical with love can sometimes find it in the strangest of places, when that one special someone catches his eye, suddenly leaving him dazed and confused.

The only way to reap the benefits of true love is to put your unknown demons behind and give love a shot.

When secrets start to emerge will the two beat the odds or part ways and let it destroy them both?

Book Links:

Amazon CA:

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Book Teaser:

CHRISSY teaser



About the Author:

Chrissy Snyder writes New Adult erotic romance. She loves tattooed bad boys and misunderstood women with happy ever afters. She divides her time between writing and reading when not loving on her very jealous furbaby, Mylo.

If she isn’t writing about heartache or second chances, then she is managing her busy household with her very supportive hubby and two teens.

She dreams of travelling to Europe, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

Author Links:

@ authorcnyder

#AcceptingCherry, #ChrissySnyder

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One Homecoming by M.M Charles Cover Reveal

One Homecoming_High.jpg



One Homecoming by M.M. Charles


Maya Reid, 24, tries to make a new life in Florida while attending law school and keeping to herself as best as possible. She appears sane, but she often
speaks to the Grim Reaper because of a mood disorder that makes her volatile and a danger to herself. She vows never to go back to Maryland after spending
time in prison for a crime she did not commit. Unfortunately, a phone call about the suicide of her estranged mother, Dr. Jan Oliver, pulls her back to the
last place she wants to call home. Upon arrival, she attends the funeral. But after receiving her mother’s journal and reading the first repulsive entry,
Maya realizes her mother is not all who she seemed to be.

Maya must encounter old classmates, other distant and more ominous family members, and shifty characters who come to her aid while trying to solve the
disturbing mystery of her mother’s death and make peace with the matriarch’s twisted past.


One Homecoming_wrap.jpg

Author Links:

one homecoming teaser.jpg

Closet Confession by Kindle Alexander Cover Reveal

Night Shift Anthology Cover Reveal #2

Closet Confession 426x639

Title: Closet Confession
Author: Kindle Alexander
Release Date: March 17, 2015
Click here to Pre-Order
Dr. Derek Babineaux is intelligent, dedicated, and one of the best ER physicians in the fast-paced world of critical care at Tulane Medical in New Orleans. Always on top of his game, he’s thrown off balance when the newest staff member finally unleashes his hidden desires.Justin Delacroix’s job at the inner city’s busiest hospital might be just what he needs to ease back into civilian life after a long stint in the military. High-preforming shifts make working as a trauma nurse at TMC the perfect way to utilize his skills and quick reaction times. There’s only one problem, his attraction for one sexy ER doctor is off the charts, but he has his reasons for not returning Dr. Baby’s night shift advances. Or maybe he doesn’t.
Night Shift Anthology releases on March 17, 2015. 6 NEW novellas from Toni Aleo, Kindle Alexander,
Sawyer Bennett, Chelle Bliss, Eden Butler, and Brenda Rothert.
100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund,, and the Nashville Predators Foundation.
Click here to Pre-Order Night Shift

Night Shift FB

About the author:
Best Selling, and newly award winning Author Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next! Happily married with too many children, and dogs, living in the suburbs of Dallas.

Yours Tonight by Joya Ryan Release Launch & Giveaway

We’re having a release day launch for Joya Ryan’s Yours Tonight!! 

Be sure to check out all the goodies!!

Yours Tonight RDL
Exclusive Excerpt:

“You’re avoiding again, Lana,” he said, his tone a little rough. “Perhaps my conversational skills are lacking?”

“Nothing about you is lacking.” That time I slapped a palm over my mouth.

He grinned. “I like your honesty. You should say what’s on your mind more often.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

“I disagree,” he said calmly and set his drink down. “You may not intend to play anything,” he said, using my exact words from earlier, “but you do.” He leaned in a little and whispered in my ear. “So, let’s play.”

I swallowed hard. “W-what’s the game?”

“Honesty. Let’s start simple. I’ll ask something, you answer. Quickly and honestly. No thinking.” I opened my mouth to protest, but he cut me off with his first question. “Am I still making you nervous?”

“Not like before.” Quick and honest. Easy enough.

The look on his face made me think I’d just answered wrong.

“That’s a shame.” Taking one fingertip, he ran it along the condensation of my drink, then slowly slid it up my knee.

I jolted a little.

“Give me a number, Lana.”

“S-six,” I said with a small stutter.

“Hot or cold?”

“Hot.” It was instant, no thought needed, because my body was the one talking. His finger may be cold, but the way it grazed my skin left a heated trail.

“Good. The number I can work with. The cold I can’t.”

His words hit a spot deep in my chest. Like he cared. Understood me in a weird way that allowed me to feel in control and calm, while on fire at the same time. The number was a way to keep track of my limits. But the cold? He couldn’t work with that? It spoke to the kind of man he was: one that wasn’t interested in scaring a woman.

Pushing limits maybe, but not scaring.

I knew this deep down. Though he was still an unknown rogue type of hero out of nowhere, he wasn’t cruel. Cruel men I could sense. Not Jack. He was hard and intense and dark, but not in a way that frightened me. Instead, he had a way about him that rose my curiosity and my blood pressure.



About Yours Tonight:

YoursTonightBFor fans of JC Reed, J Lynn, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Jessica Clare comes an all-consuming, raw and powerful love story that will leave you breathless and wanting more

He will give her everything she’s ever wanted . . .

Jack Powell’s confidence is matched only by his intensity. The darkness in him comes from years of secrets and memories he’d rather forget. Lana has an exotic innocence that draws him in and Jack wants a taste of her. She’s a light in the darkness of his world – and she needs help, which he agrees to.

The only rule? He makes the rules.

Lana gives up her control, letting Jack take her body however he needs, while she works her way into his heart. But Jack’s past catches up to them and Lana finds herself wrapped up in a scheme that will expose every secret she’s worked so hard to keep. She clung to Jack once when her world was crashing down, but this time, she loves him. She’ll continue to reach for him – her only fear is if he’ll reach back, or go on his way, taking her soul with him . . .

Addictive and unforgettable, Jack and Lana’s story will seduce, surprise and stay with you. A brand new romance by the #1 bestselling author of Break Me Slowly, this is an emotional roller coaster you’ll want to keep riding forever.




About Joya Ryan:

brit author 0041  (1)National and international bestselling author Joya Ryan is the author of the Shattered Series (Break Me Slowly, Possess Me Slowly and Capture Me Slowly), the Sweet Torment Series (Breathe You In, Only You), and The Chasing Love Series (Chasing Trouble, Chasing Temptation, Chasing Desire).


Passionate about both cooking and dancing (despite not being too skilled at the latter), she loves spending time at home color coding things. She resides in California with her husband and her two sons. Visit Joya Ryan online

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads



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bookshelf dreaming

BE MY DECEMBER by Rachel Brookes ♥ Surprise Re-Cover Reveal & Giveaway

BMD Cover

Title: Be My December

Author: Rachel Brookes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 27, 2014


I knew the exact moment I’d become a ‘yes’ girl.
December 16th, a cold winter’s night, four years ago.
The night my innocence was stolen, the night I made the mistake of saying no—a mistake I’d never make again.
The dream of a ‘happily ever after’ was now a locked away myth. I promised myself that I’d never return to the place of my worst nightmare, that I’d never let anyone get close, but then again, I never thought I’d meet someone like him.
The intense, confident and beautiful Ky Crawford.

I had no plans to become someone’s Prince Charming.
I couldn’t be. I refused to be. My plan was simple—do whatever it takes to correct my biggest mistake, my one regret that now controlled my life.
I was on track. I had plans, but then everything changed when I saw her—the girl in the red jacket, the girl who I was told couldn’t say no.
The reserved yet stunning Eden Rivers.

A girl who can’t say no.
A guy who craves redemption.
A chance encounter?

It all comes down to this.
One question.
One month.

Be My December?


Buy The Book





Couple having sex, man take off bra of girl in his lap


About The Author


Rachel Brookes is from a coastal town on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. She writes angsty love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance and a spoonful of sexiness… oh and the main ingredient hot guys.
Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes forgets to sleep and sometimes can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment but that’s because she is in a long term relationship with her laptop and is constantly writing.
When she does step away from her laptop she can be found taking too many photos, making scrumptious cocktails, laughing at Adam Sandler movies and spending her time with her amazing family and friends.
Books currently available include The Breathe Series – Just Breathe, Breathless and Breathe Again. Be My December will be available August 2014.

Facebook | Twitter | Email | Instagram | Amazon | Reader Group | Newsletter


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love p

Kristen Proby’s EASY LOVE Release Blitz

EasyLove RB Banner


EASY LOVE is a Contemporary Erotic Romance novel

and is the 1st book in The Boudreaux Series


Easy Love


Eli Boudreaux’s family has built ships and boats in Louisiana for generations. He comes from a hardworking, wealthy family and his empire is growing by leaps and bounds. At thirty, he is the youngest CEO to ever head Bayou Enterprises, co-chairing with his eldest brother. His head for business and his no-nonsense work ethic is also quickly making him the best the company has seen in generations. His staff admires him, women adore him and Eli’s family is solid. But he’s recently discovered that someone on the inside of his business is stealing from him and he’s determined to find out who.

Kate O’Shaughnessy is hired by companies all over the world to slip inside and investigate every member of the organization from the CEO down to the custodial staff to find the person or persons responsible for embezzling. She’s excellent at blending, becoming part of the team, and finding the weakest link. She’s smart, quick-witted, and she’s now been hired by Bayou Enterprises, specifically Eli Boudreaux. The attraction is immediate and the chemistry is off the charts, but Kate has heard all about Eli’s playboy past and she has a job to do. Sleeping with the boss isn’t a part of that job, even if just the sound of her name rolling off that Cajun tongue and the way he fills out a designer suit does make her sweat.

Eli’s southern charms surprise Kate. The man whose reputation labels him as a ruthless, callous womanizer is not the man she’s coming to know intimately. He’s generous, protective and makes her smile. Cracking through Kate’s cool, reserved demeanor and discovering her love of sexy, expensive lingerie is a challenge Eli can’t resist, but her sweet nature, love of family and sense of humor pull at him in ways no one else ever has.

But when the person responsible for trying to single-handedly dismantle Eli’s empire comes to light, and it’s time for Kate to move on, to what lengths will Eli go to keep the woman he’s fallen in love with by his side?





Easy Love teaser 1


“I do like you,” he repeats. When I would look down, he catches my chin with his finger and tilts my head up. “But this is a bad idea.”
“What is?” I whisper, hating the shakiness in my voice.
“This.” He lowers his face to mine and sweeps his nose across my own, gently. His lips haven’t touched mine yet, but they’re tingling, already yearning for him. His hands glide up my bare arms to my neck, his thumbs gently draw circles along my jawline as he places a light, barely-there kiss on the corner of my lips. I hear a soft moan, and would be mortified to know that it came from me if I could find my brain cells.
This man is dangerous. Everything about him screams RUN! but instead I grip onto his lean hips and tug him closer. He needs no further invitation. He slips those amazing lips of his over mine, licks my bottom lip, and when I gasp at the fission of pure lust that moves through me, he moves in for the kill.
His tastes like the after-meal peppermint we both ate and the light one or two day scruff on his chin rasps against my skin in the most tantalizing way. I can’t help but wonder how it would feel on other parts of my body; behind my knees, between my breasts, between my legs.
Holy shit, I bet he would feel amazing between my legs.
I grip onto his biceps and realize that the one arm he’s slung around the small of my back is the only thing keeping me upright. My knees no longer exist. We’re both breathing hard as he drags his fingers down my cheek and pulls back, nibbling the edge of my lips once more and then he’s gone, staring down at me with shining whiskey eyes.
“That. That’s a bad idea.”


Author pic_MontanaABOUT KRISTEN PROBY:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Proby is the author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine.

And naps. Visit her at


Website**Facebook**Twitter**Author Goodreads**Novel Goodreads


Easy Love teaser 3


All That Glitters Series by K.A. Linde Cover Reveal

We are SO excited to share with you the cover reveal for the new series by K.A. Linde – ALL THAT GLITTERS! Make sure to add it to your Goodreads TBR. This is a series you don’t want to miss! Enjoy the HOT sneak peek teasers into Book 1 – Diamonds below!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.24.08 PM

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]

Diamonds (All That Glitters, #1)
April 21, 2015.
The first book in the All That Glitters series.


Bryna feels his eyes on her.

Hot, seductive, enticing.

He’s at least ten years older than her seventeen years, and he knows exactly what he’s doing to her with that look.

Walking away would be the smart thing to do…

But she can’t. Not that first night when he takes her home and claims her body. Not when he shows up in her life again with expensive gifts to win her trust. Not even when she’s falling for him, and everything else is falling apart…

Find out how Bryna goes from golden girl to gold digger in this tantalizingly scandalous first book to USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s All That Glitters series.


Gold Amazon

Gold (All That Glitters, #2)
Summer 2015.
The second stand alone book in the All That Glitters series. Follows Bryna Turner in her second year of college and the tumultuous road she has taken to go from golden girl to gold digger in fabulous Las Vegas.

Platinum Amazon

Platinum (All That Glitters, #3)
Release TBD.
The third stand alone book in the All That Glitters series. Follows Trihn Hamilton, one of Bryna’s best friends, in their junior year of college as she navigates her parent’s expectations and the heady lifestyle she and her friends have created in fabulous Las Vegas.

Silver Amazon

Silver (All That Glitters, #4)
Release TBD. The fourth stand alone book in the All That Glitters series. Follows Stacia Daniels, the second of Bryna’s best friends, in their senior year of college as she struggles with the consequences of her jersey chasing desires in fabulous Las Vegas.



USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde has written the Avoiding series and the Record series as well as the new adult novels Following Me and Take Me for Granted. She grew up as a military brat traveling the United States and Australia. While studying political science and philosophy at the University of Georgia, she founded the Georgia Dance Team, which she still coaches. Post-graduation, she served as the campus campaign director for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. An avid traveler, reader, and bargain hunter, K.A. lives in Athens, Georgia, with her fiancé and two puppies, Riker and Lucy.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Ruth Clampett Work of Art Trilogy Promo

Work of Art book 3 FINAL

Has Max, the bad boy of the art world been tamed just as his girlfriend, Ava’s star begins to shine? Anything can happen in Los Angeles, a world where heroes become villains and the rogue saves the day.
An unexpected plane ticket leads our heroine to a meeting that will change her life.
What happens when what’s most precious to you slips out of your grasp? How fiercely will you fight for the one you love?
Join Max and Ava for the dramatic and passionate conclusion to the Work of Art trilogy
Work of Art – The Masterpeice

Hours later, I open my eyes. The room is dark except for the reflection

of the outside streetlights giving the sheer curtains on the tall windows

a platinum glow. It takes a long moment for me to realize where I am

and that Max isn’t next to me. In his place are ripples of sheets that

have been peeled back. I’ve kicked off the sheets and lie on my side,


I hear him breathing…deep and ragged. In the dim light, I see

movement. As my vision adjusts, I spy Max sitting in the armchair

next to our bed.

Gloriously naked, his legs spread and his head leaned against the

back of the chair, he slowly strokes himself as he watches me. It’s incredibly

erotic, and my desire for him overwhelms me. When our eyes

meet, he moans and strokes himself again.

The sight of him instantly arouses me, and I lick my lips as his

hands move over what’s mine. His cock looks so commanding from

this angle, and I want him badly. I look up, my expression burning.

“Do you mind if I watch?” I whisper in a sleepy voice.

“You want to watch what you do to me?” He gives me a wicked


I nod and run my hand over my breasts, circling my nipples.

His lips part. “You were moaning in your sleep, Angel. You got me

so worked up, and I didn’t want to wake you, so I came over here and

imagined what you were dreaming about.”

“What did you imagine?” I slip one hand between my legs and

slowly stroke myself. I notice his fist tighten over his erection.

“Remember that night in the O’Keeffe Museum? We got so turned

on by the art, I had you up against the wall with my cock inside of you.

You wanted me so much it made me crazy.”

“I remember, are you kidding? You were wild.”

His eyes roll back as he shudders. It takes him a moment to start

speaking again.

“So, I started imagining us in the room near the back of the Picasso

museum. Remember the wide bench?”

“The leather bench we sat on for a while?”

“Yes, you’re naked and spread out on that bench, and I’m kissing my

way up your thighs to your sweetest spot.”

I moan and stroke further into my wetness. “You really like going

down on me, don’t you? I mean, you don’t just do it to satisfy me.”

“You have no idea how much I love it.” He groans and watches me


“So, did you fuck me in the Picasso museum?”

He gives me a naughty smile. “Yes, I fucked you, but we haven’t finished

yet. You woke up and interrupted my fantasy.”

I squint and flash him a wicked smile. “Yes, I’m such a distraction.”

“What were you dreaming that made you thrash around and moan?”

From the steamy look in his eyes, I imagine he wants to know he owns

me in sleep too.

I pause, pulling the memory out of the folds of my mind. “I dreamt

that we were in a room with dark burgundy walls and burning candles

around the room. There was no ceiling, just the night sky filled with

stars, and I was crouched low on this huge bed, purring like a wild


He leans forward in his chair, and his whole body is tense. I’m

beside myself over the way his fist moves with purpose as he listens.

“What was I doing?”

I roll over, get up on all fours and lean down. My sensitive nipples

graze the soft white sheets, and I arch my back so that my ass is higher.

I move my fingers back to where I’m wet. “You were taking me from


I love the anticipation building as he rises off the chair and approaches

the bed. The testosterone in the air intoxicates me. The bed sags and the heat

from his thighs warms mine before his strong hands settle on my hips.

He pushes into me slowly, so slowly, until I’m beyond full.

“Ava,” he gasps, as he slowly pulls out again.

“Yes, just like my dream…You feel so good,” I groan, as he pushes

back inside and I grind against him. “Is this better than your fantasy?”

“There’s no better with you, Angel… ’cause it’s all perfect…”

“Every…” He pushes into me hard.


I brace myself from falling forward as his movements become more



His heat builds inside me, and he groans before we lose ourselves

in the moment. He’s all hardness and passion, strength and command.

I submit again and again as my fingers stroke the circle of pleasure

closed. When we climax, there’s no breath, no words, just the explosion

of our bodies combusting before he falls over me.

Books One and Two are only 99 cents now.

work of art

Work of Art- The Inspiration







work of art 2

Work of Art – The Unveiling






Author Bio

Ruth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director, Bob Clampett, has spent a lifetime surrounded by art and animation. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, her careers have included graphic design, photography, VP of Design for WB Stores and teaching photography at UCLA. She now runs her own studio as the fine art publisher for Warner Bros. where she’s had the opportunity to know and work with many of the greatest artists in the world of animation and comics.

The Work of Art Trilogy is Ruth’s third publishing endeavor, following Animate Me and Mr. 365. She lives in Los Angeles and is heavily supervised by her teenage daughter, lovingly referred to as Snarky, who loves art and visiting museums as much as her mom.

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Forgive Me by Salice Rodgers Cover Reveal


Title: Forgive Me

Author: Salice Rodgers

Release Date: March, 2015

Series: Say Something #2

Published by Entertwine Publishing


ET Synopsis

It’s been a month since Marshall left Joslynn in the hospital. She’s trying to heal and get through life without him when an old threat comes back in to her life. Will she make it without Marshall? Or will true love prevail?

ET Author Bio


Born and raised in Alabama, Salice Rodgers is a wife and mother of three. Books are her Passion. She loves to spend her spare time writing or enjoying the works others have created.

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