Release Blitz: Forbidden Love MC by Kacey Hamford


Title: Forbidden Love
Series: South Coast Brothers MC #4
Author: Kacey Hamford
Cover Designer: SP Cover Design
Release Date: November 30th
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When Ashlyn escaped the hell she was dragged into, she
thought her life was over, damaged. Then came along the one man she couldn’t
have. Never mind that he was the only person she had ever felt such a
connection to, the only man she felt that she could trust. So what did she do?
She denied those feelings, fought them. Because what use is a Forbidden Love to
a broken girl?
Everything that had happened in Drake’s life had led to that exact
moment and things were finally on track, being a prospect for the club that
saved him made him more thankful than he could ever explain. The brothers, his
family gave him the chance that no one else would. And as soon as he saw her he
was willing to throw that all away. So decisions had to be made… His loyalty to
his family or his love for the girl who he would give his life to protect. Even
though it was Forbidden, Drake had never felt anything more real…
I was now pacing the bar area, worrying my bottom
lip between my teeth and clenching and unclenching my hands. That woman Belinda
said a gift would arrive in two hours and it was now almost eleven in the
morning. I had a bad feeling and didn’t know what I should do.
My head snapped up when the Prez left his office
and headed for the main doors, Rooster, Wiz, Henry and Drake all followed him
and it took me a moment to get my feet moving again, I hurried after them only
to be stopped by Denise.
 “No, you can’t go out there.” I was stunned
by what she was telling me and it took a moment to register.
 “I need to see what it is.” I went to step
past her and she blocked my path. “Denise.”
 “I’m sorry, no.” I went to dodge her again
when large hands clapped around my waist and lifted me off my feet. I looked
over my shoulder to see that Drum had picked me up and was carrying me into the
bar. He placed me on the sofa and Denise sat beside me.
 “Please just wait for Drake to come back in,
ok?” I nodded, not taking my eyes off the door.
 “It’s another woman, isn’t it?” I asked, taking
my eyes off the door to look at Denise and the answer was clear as day on her
face. Her face full of make-up couldn’t hide it from me.  
About the Author:
Kacey Hamford is a pen name for
me (Kelly). I am in my thirties and started this journey in 2014, I love to
read romance books about rockstars, so thought I would have a go at writing one
myself. I really enjoyed it and got a boost of confidence once my books started
I have gone on to write a young adult series, set in a college.
The series is still on going.
I also have an MC series, it was something different for me to
write and I enjoyed it so much, especially when I got readers telling me they
would love to read books about the sub characters.
I work full time as a dog groomer, I love to read and my friends
and family are very important to me. They are all so supportive of my writing
career and encourage me to carry on.
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