Cover Reveal: My Problem With Math by Ghiselle St. James


Title: My Problem With Math

Author: Ghiselle St. James

Genre: A Taboo Erotica Short



I am a genius.

Well, I should be. Hell, I was…until

senior year Math. I’m not doing very well

and I hope my teacher doesn’t catch on.

You see, my problem with the subject isn’t algebra or quadratic equations.

Oh no.

My real problem with Math is my teacher…my hot, handsome, tatted and utterly bangable teacher.

And he’s staring right at me!




“I wanted to stay away from you. My fucking job depended on it. I thought if I ignored you, if I left you alone, that I’d get over this…lust that strangles every part of me whenever I see you.” His husky voice was giving me life, breathing a desire so great into me that if he continued to talk, continued to stoke this fire, I was sure to burst into flames.

“But every smile,” he said, touching the corner of my mouth with his finger, his eyes following. “Every laugh, every tuck of your hair behind your ear…” His voice trailed off and his fingers tugged on my tresses.

Wrapping the strands of my hair around his wrist, he pulled tightly, causing my head to snap back. My eyes found his and widened, my chest expanding on deep, ragged breaths. He was no longer warring within himself. No. This was a look of resignation. He was giving into his desires.

“Everything about you called to me,” he continued. “And now I’m answering.”


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