Release Blitz: Exonerated with Love by Skye McNeil

Title: Exonerated with Love
Series: The Mobster Files #2
Author: Skye McNeil
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 14, 2018

Can second chances really exist for a bad boy mobster and
the only woman to ever steal his heart?
There’s a hit out on Cameron Shearer’s life, his mafia ties
dragging him down the path of darkness once more. After a harrowing meeting, he
discovers no one ever stays dead when you’re in the mafia. Determined not to
lose the only woman he’s loved, Cameron turns to the Del Rossi mob for one last
favor. Unfortunately for him, the ending may not be as happy as he once hoped.
Joci Dorous has it all. She’s happy, engaged, and just
started her own law firm with her best friend. Everything appears perfect,
until she discovers a suspicious trail of money in her business accounts and
her once dutiful fiancé suddenly turns as shady as his mob boss. When strangers
clash amid mobs, Joci is left to decipher who her heart truly belongs to.
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“Can we go home, please? I need to fit in a quick catnap
before heading to the office.” She yawned, suddenly drained from the busy
Crossing his long arms over his chest, Cameron shook his
head. “No way. You’re not going to work after what you’ve been through. You
need to take it easy.”
“No, I need to go to work,” she argued, her face heating up.
“The hell you do.” His low voice rumbled, scaring a passing
Realizing fighting through this wasn’t the best course of
action, Joci unclenched her fisted hands. Slanting eyes over him, she sighed at
his chaotic curls, from the wind or pushing his fingers through it she wasn’t
sure. The holes where his nose and eyebrow rings used to sit glared at her,
fleetingly making her wish they were in place once more. His jaw was set but
his lips were pouty, an irresistible sight if she ever saw one. The adamant
expression in his dark brown eyes siphoned all anger from her. He was concerned
for her health, but there was something else lying behind his tone. His
reflection sent her back to their childhood in Ohio. He’d puckered a similar
face when they disagreed as kids. No wonder he always got his way, the
He wasn’t wrong in his apprehension, however, letting him
win this argument wouldn’t happen. He loved her, which meant he knew she was as
stubborn as him. They were a perfect match from the start. Bullheaded and
ornery. Work would always be at the top of her list and he knew it better than
anyone from personal experience.
Stepping to his sulking position against the wall, Joci
slipped her hands around his waist, her fingers grazing each of the devices
hanging from the police utility belt. “Cam, all this excitement drained me. I
need a bit of cuddle time, and I bet you know the perfect guy.”
His face released its strained hold and his lips slackened.
Beaming up at him, she tilted her head to the right. “Maybe
you know a guy, or maybe you are the guy?”
His chin lowered until she was touching noses with him.
“I am the guy,” he fiercely replied.
Joci snaked her hand up his spine to the back of his head. Compelling
his neck toward her, she locked her gaze with his stormy mahogany one. “The
only guy.”
A tiny smile broke across his cheeks. “Then there’s no place
I’d rather be.”
He leaned forward, imprinting his lips to her for eternity.
The taste of mint clung to his breath, luring her to kiss him until she
explored every facet of his mouth. His tongue tangoed with hers, causing
adrenaline to spike through her body. Pressing harder against his mouth, she
gasped when her back carefully hit the wall. Anyone could witness their brazen
embrace, but she didn’t care. She needed his lips on her right now. His teeth
nipped her lower lip. And if he wasn’t careful, she’d lug him to the nearest
supply closet and bar the door just to show him how much she needed him.
When he finally eased away, Joci wasn’t sure if she was
breathing on her own. He had this effect on her when she least expected but
sorely craved it.
“I’m glad you’re safe,” he whispered, his brown eyes etched
with leftover concern. “Promise you’ll never leave.” His hands rubbed the
protruding stomach between them. “I can’t do this without you.”
Kissing him hard, Joci hoped he felt a molecule of the havoc
his lips caused in her. “I promise.”
At Cameron’s relaxed sigh, she snuggled into him. A movement
behind them distracted her as he straightened. She couldn’t see who was spying,
only recognized a shock of red hair as they moved to the exit.
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Author Bio
Skye McNeil
began writing at the age of seventeen and has been lost in a love affair ever
since. During the day, she moonlights as a paralegal at a law firm favoring
criminal law.

Skye enjoys writing romantic comedies and cozy mysteries novels that leave
readers wanting more and falling in love over and over. She writes contemporary
and historical novels ranging from sweet and sassy to steamy and sultry.

Her constant writing companions are two cats and two dogs. When she’s not
writing, Skye enjoys spending time with family, photography, volleyball,
traveling, and curling up with a cup of coffee and reading.
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