Release Blitz: Soul Deep by Ashley Lyn

Title: Soul Deep
Series: A Triton Security Novel
Author: Ashley Lyn
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 20, 2018

What was I thinking, falling in love at nineteen? 

I was thinking with my vagina, thatโ€™s what I was doing. 
Physically speaking, heโ€™s every good girlโ€™s dreamโ€”All-American, blond hair, blue eyed, Marine, and business owner. 
Strip him of his finery, the friendly smile, and the manners, heโ€™s every bad girlโ€™s walking orgasm. 

Heโ€™s mine.

I wanted him ten years agoโ€”I needed him.

A soul can only go so long without itโ€™s mate. 

This is rich, coming from the girl who canโ€™t go ten seconds without making a comment about poop shoots, cum dumpsters (my ex-wife), inappropriately dancing, making lewd jokes, yet tries to give you a flowery description about our love storyโ€ฆ 

What? You thought youโ€™d get the whole story here? 

Naw, you have to read the book to find out about our epic love storyโ€”the trials, the intrigue, the sex (which is hot BTW) and my wifeโ€™s completely whacked sense of humor. 

โ€œHey!โ€ my wife yells. 
โ€œWhat? Fuck, donโ€™t scare me like that. This is my portion of the blurb.โ€ 
โ€œFiancรฉe! You havenโ€™t gotten my sexy ass down the aisle yet, big boy.โ€
Ashley Lyn lives in Colorado with her amazing hubby that she met on She has two beautiful daughters, a crazy Boxer named Bailey, a Fat Cat named Mojo, and a sweet as apple pie calico cat named Katy.

She is a passionate reader who loves to read any and all genres. A good book, a cozy blanket and piping hot cup of coffee is her idea of a good time.
She loves to write quirky, funny, sexy, and eccentric characters who have zero problems flying their crazy flags.


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