Release Blitz: Hustle and Heart by Alison Mello

Title: Hustle and Heart
Series: A Coach’s Love #2
Author: Alison Mello
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: August 6, 2018

I’ve lost my wife, now it’s time to come home and raise my two kids as
a single father. When my son decides to play football on the very same team I
started out on, I’m thrilled. I instantly sign up to coach, excited to share
this time with him. 
I’m about to meet some of my team, but I’m not expecting to meet her
too. The wind is practically knocked out of me when I spot Karen standing there
in a line of parents all waiting for the same thing—football gear. The
connection between us is instant, just as it was all those years go, and I can
tell from the smile on her face that she feels it too. 
I discover her husband has left her for another woman and it angers me
but, I know it’s time to make her mine. The cheating bastard is actual mad when
he realizes I’m the man in her life, but that’s too bad. I’ll treat her right
because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from sports it’s that, cheaters never
In life and in sports you need to have…
…Hustle and Heart

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I scoop her
up off the bed and carry her to the bathroom. I think it’s time I show her how
fun my shower can be. I set her down on top of the counter. “Wait right here.”
“Damn, this
is cold.”
“Sorry,” I
say with laughter as I turn on the water ensuring that all the heads are on.
When I’m happy with the settings, I pull her shirt over her head. Lowering my
lips, I suck her hardened nipple into my mouth. She arches her back, pressing
her beautiful breasts to my face. My cock is already begging for more, but I
don’t want to take her here. My lips crash down on hers as I scoop her up and
carry her into the shower, the multiple heads soaking us instantly. I set her
down on the bench where a head is shooting water at her back. She looks confused
until I grab the removable one and squat before her. “Open those legs for me,
There’s a
button on this one that changes the pressure. I click it until I find the right
setting. It hits her nipple causing her to flinch. I smile knowing she’s in for
a treat. I lower my lips to her nipple, sucking it into my mouth. Her head
rolls back as I lick and suck my way across the valley between her beautiful
plump breasts. I suck the other into my mouth, this time using the jet to hit
that spot between her legs. She thrusts her hips forward and whimpers at the
sensation. “
Fuck, Jesse.” She opens her legs wider. “I need
you to fuck me.”
I press my
lips to her neck just below her ear. “
In due time, baby.
I suck her earlobe into my mouth, kissing  
down her neck, through the valley of her breasts, and over her stomach
all while water pulses over her sensitive bud. When I get down to her mound, I
find her legs spread beautifully wide for me. I know by the way she’s squirming
she’s close, so I replace the water with my tongue, slipping it deep inside of
her. The water is now hitting her hard nipple and running down her body as my
thumb rolls over her clit.
“Holy shit,
Jesse.” Her legs clamp shut around my neck as her body thrashes from the
intense orgasm that’s shredding her body. When she settles, her grip loosens
and she starts to laugh. “I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
“Why do you
ask… is it maybe because you just tried to choke me with your legs?” I laugh.
“I can see the headlines now. ‘Man dies giving girlfriend orgasm’.”
She laughs.
“That’s not funny and if it was that painful, maybe you should’ve backed off.”
“Hell, no.
You taste amazing.” My lips crash down on hers. “It’s a good thing my cock is
aching because I could go for more.”
Her eyes go
wide. “I’m not sure I can handle more.”
I hold up
my finger. “One more.” I stand her up and take the seat she was just in. She
turns around so her back is to my front and then lowers herself onto me. She
leans back against my chest. I grab her breasts and roll my hips. “Ride me,

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio
Alison started writing during the early summer of 2015. Her
debut book Finding Love (October 2015) was published by Siren Publishing. Her
following books Needing Your Love (November 2015), Found My Love (December
2015), and Fighting for Love (January 2016) were also published with Siren to
finish the Learning to Love series.

Her desire to see her books on shelves led to her next work Chasing Dreams
(April 2015) She submitted it for publication with Limitless Publishing and was
thrilled that it was quickly accepted. At the request of her readers she turned
Chasing Dreams into the Club Thrive series. Excited to reach that goal, she
moved on to the next series she had in mind and wrote Saved By a Soldier (June
2016), My Broken Soldier (July 2016), Forever My Soldier (August 2016), and A
Soldier for Bella (September 2016).

Alison enjoyed reading as a child and found her passion for it again in 2011
when E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey was released. Her love of reading was
re-ignited and she continued reading other books in the same genre. In the
summer of 2015, she decided to give writing a try and two weeks later Finding
Love was born. As soon as she finished the first book, she began writing the
second book in the series. Her third book was finished by the time Finding Love
had been accepted for publication. Alison discovered she has a passion for
writing and has spent the last year meeting new readers and sharing the love
she has for writing.

Married to her own real life hero, Alison lives with her amazing family in
Massachusetts where she was born and raised. She loves having her own personal
inspiration right at home and when she’s not writing she enjoys playing soccer,
basketball, and football with her son.

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