Cover Reveal – Mr. Spencer by T L Swan



Title: Mr. Spencer
Author: T L Swan
Genre: Red Hot Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Hang Le
Photo: David Wagner
Model: Davey Fisher
Release Date: February 24, 2019




He was gorgeous, older, and had the worst reputation in all of England.
The way he looked at me sent shivers down my spine.Our first meeting was at a wedding, where he followed me outside and kissed me.

Our second meeting ended in a huge fight with me kicking him out.

Our third meeting, I went on a double, blind date.
You can imagine my surprise when I saw familiar blue eyes across the table opposite my friend.

He was sarcastic and witty and damn,
If he wasn’t the sexiest bastard I ever laid eyes on.

Then he sent me an email listing thirty reasons
why I should go on a date with him.

I was expecting a suave and intelligent list.
Curious, I read on.

𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝟏 – 𝐈 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐡
𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝟐 – 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐦𝐚
𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝟑 – 𝐈 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚 𝐬𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝟏𝟑 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐞 – 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐡.

The man’s a fool, his list was some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.
And the funniest.

We laughed hard…and loved harder.

You can outrun everything……except your past.
And his has caught up.

Wild handsome players don’t fall for wholesome girls like me,
Or do they?





“Who is that woman?” I ask, completely distracted.
He frowns. “Which one?”
“Pink dress. Charlotte.”
His eyes widen, and he chuckles. “Stay away from that one, old boy. She’s out of your league.”
“And why would you say that?”
“Every man in the county is after her and she won’t give any of them the time of day.”
I feel my skin prickle at the challenge. “Really?”
“Yes. And then you have to get past her father and brothers even if she is interested at all.”
I frown. “What do you mean?”
“That’s her father on the right. If I stand correct, he is the third wealthiest man in the country. He owns casinos around the world and has connections everywhere. On the left of her is her older brother Edward. Complete and utter bastard.”
I narrow my eyes as I watch him. “What does Edward do for a coin?”
“Guard Charlotte, from what I hear. He doesn’t let her out of his sight. It’s a full-time fucking job.”
I raise my glass to him in a silent toast.
He shakes his head. “Not her, Spencer. She really is off limits. Way too pure for you.”
Excitement rolls over me. “The thrill of the chase is alive and well, my friend.”
He chuckles. “Or the thrill of a death wish. You fuck around with her and her father will murder you without a second thought.”
I smile as I turn to watch Charlotte talk to the two men. “Challenge accepted, old boy.”
He laughs into his beer and shakes his head. “Next time I see you, it may be your funeral.”
My eyes dance with delight. “Give me a good wrap in the eulogy, hey? I’m sure it will be worth it.”
He chuckles, and with a shake of his head, he disappears through the crowd.
I stand on my own simply watching her. She is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a very long time. At once, she glances up and her eyes fall on me, holding my gaze. I smile and raise my beer to her in a silent toast. She immediately looks away and fidgets with her hands in front of her.
I smile to myself as I watch her.
Run along, boys.
I want her alone.


Author Bio
Lover of her husband, children, words, chocolate and
When she is not writing her next novel, you will find her in
a café drinking coffee with friends.
Writing is her passion.
Books by T L Swan
Find Me
Play Along
Dr. Stanton
Stantons The Epilogue
Marx Girl
Mr. Masters
Gym Junkie
Mr. Spencer
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Cover Reveal: Fluffy by Julia Kent

Title: Fluffy
Author: Julia Kent
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Hang Le
Release Date: April 30, 2019

An all-new STANDALONE from New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent
It all started with the wrong Help Wanted ad. Of course it did.
I’m a professional fluffer. It’s NOT what you think. I stage homes for a
living. Real estate agents love me, and my work stands on its own merits.
Sigh. Get your mind out of the gutter. Go ahead. Laugh. I’ll wait.
See? That’s the problem. My career has used the term “fluffer” for
decades. I didn’t even know there was a more… lascivious definition of the
Until it was too late.
The ad for a “professional fluffer” on Craigslist seemed like divine
intervention. My last unemployment check was in the bank. I was desperate. Rent
was due. The ad said cash paid at the end of the day.
The perfect job!
Staging homes means showing your best angle. The same principle applies
in making a certain kind of movie. Turns out a “fluffer” doesn’t arrange
decorative pillows on a couch.
They arrange other soft, round-ish objects.
The job isn’t hard. Er, I mean, it is — it’s about being hard. Or, well…
helping other people to be hard.
Oh, man…
And that’s the other problem. A man. No, not one of the stars on the
movie set. Will Lotham – my high school crush. The owner of the house where
we’re filming. Illegally. In a vacation rental.
By the time the cops show up, what I thought was just a great house
staging gig turned into a nightmare involving pictures of me with a naked star,
Will rescuing me from an arrest, and a humiliating lesson in my own naivete.
My job turned out to be so much harder than I expected. But you know
what’s easier than I ever imagined?
Having all my dreams come true.

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I watch a
blonde woman talk up Will like she wants to take him home and turn him into her
evening protein shake. She’s wearing lululemon tights and Jimmy Choos, an
unusual combination that seems to indicate she’s ready for anything.
Clap clap!
A man in a tight, black Lycra shirt, grey fitted slacks, and the most beautiful
Italian leather shoes I have ever seen glides like melting cheese on a raclette
into the center of the ballroom.
hello! My name is Philippe, and I am your instructor tonight. Welcome! Two more
minutes for refreshments, and then we DANCE!” The word DANCE comes out of his
mouth in capital letters.
heads straight toward me, eyes meeting mine, his dark, wavy hair slicked off
his face with curls escaping at the nape of the neck, a perfectly manscaped
moustache adding to his rakish look.
“And you
are?” he asks, the words a demand to reveal my soul.
Mallory, it is nice to meet you.”
“It’s just
“Are you
Uh, Mallory, or Just Mallory?” he asks, mouth pursing with amusement.
I cannot
tell whether I like him or hate him.
Eyeing me
up and down, his expression changes to approval when he sees my shoes. “You
have come prepared.”
chooses that exact moment to walk over, a lemonade in each hand, and offer me
one. I smile a thank you as Philippe watches us like he’s judging a couple on
So You Think You Can Dance.
“You are
here together?” he asks.
“OH, NO!” I
call out, as if it’s the word DANCE. “I’m waiting for my date.”
date, actually. I don’t know what he looks like, but…”
“Was his
name David, by any chance?” Philippe asks, mouth twisted with disgust.
he hisses. “Again!”
Will exchanges
a confused look with me, then takes a sip of his lemonade, choosing to stay out
of this. One hand goes to his hip as he politely looks away, drinking like it’s
his job.
me?” I ask Philippe.
“Did you
meet him–this David–on an online dating service?”
takes my hand as if I’m a mourning widow at her beloved husband’s wake. “Then I
am sorry to inform you, Mallory, that David is not coming.”
“Why not?”
David is a salesman.”
“No, he’s
not! He’s a conversion consultant.”
mouth tightens as if he knows something.
Philippe says sadly, “David works for the corporation that owns Bailargo. He is
one of their best salesmen.” Anger flashes in his eyes. “Because he toys with
women’s emotions and sets them up for this.”
at me, he says, “This. You. The poor, lonely single woman looking for love on
“Watch,” he
says, clapping twice again. “Are any women here for a date with David? First
Two hands
go up.
“Oh, God,”
I mutter, my hands flying to cover my burning hot, deeply embarrassed face.
“What does this mean?”
“David has
developed a new technique. He goes to dating apps and pretends to be original,
asking women to have a first date at a dance lesson. He is charming and funny
A feral
sound comes out of my mouth.
familiar?” Will asks, reaching up to run a hand through his hair, looking
really sympathetic on my behalf.
Which makes
me feel even stupider.
“And then
the women come here, there is no David, but some of them stay for class,”
Philippe finishes.
telling me your corporate headquarters is hiring a guy who goes on dating sites
and convinces single women to come to a dance class with him, then ghosts on
them? On the chance that a certain percentage of us will sign up for dance
lessons and convert to paying customers?” My voice goes higher and higher,
until I start sounding like Mariah Carey the second everyone finishes
Thanksgiving dinner and it’s time for her songs to start on the radio again.
horrible!” I cry.
ingenious,” Will says. My glare makes him add quickly, “And completely
unethical, of course. Some men are disgusting pigs.” His brow drops, eyes
troubled with vicarious empathy, but they move in patterns that tell me he’s
processing this information and finds David’s business acumen to be worthy of
“If you
will excuse me, I need to find some tissues for those two women who are, like
you, expecting a date with the charming David. Since he started doing this four
months ago, sales have increased eleven percent, but my operating supplies have
gone up 286 percent with all the tissues!” Philippe glides across the floor and
approaches the two women, who are whispering and comparing phone screens.
Bet mine
makes us triplets.
Author Bio
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent
writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult
rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she
writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for
a Billionaire
, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a
men’s room toilet (and he isn’t a billionaire). She lives in New England with
her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever,

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Cover Reveal: Against the Boards by Samantha Lind

Title: Against the Boards
Series: Indianapolis Eagles #5
Author: Samantha Lind
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Cover Design: Jersey Girl Design
Photo: Sara Eirew
Release Date: February 21, 2019
I’m called America’s
They say I have
the voice of an angel.
I almost gave all
that up, thanks to a traumatic experience at the start of my career. Instead of
letting it define me, I chose to rise above. I showed everyone what a woman on
a mission could accomplish, and now I’m living my dream.
After one chance
meeting, my entire world changes. Austin is every woman’s fantasy, and he wants
me. While the attraction is there for me as well, I don’t need any distractions
right now.

Austin Jones
I’m the man I am
today because I never let the idea of settling down disrupt being the best I
can during my hockey career.
But then Reese
floats into my life and everything changes, and now all I want to do is pin her
against the boards.
They say
opposites attract. You can’t get more opposite than Country Music’s hottest
female singer and a hockey player from Canada. With competing travel schedules,
our instant attraction appears to be doomed from the start. Can it really be
love? Or is it just a hot ice-melting fling?

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Author Bio

Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey, and listening to country music. 
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Cover Reveal: Branded by Clarissa Wild

Title: Branded
Series: Savage Men #4
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Standalone Dark Romance
Cover Design: Clarissa Wild’s Blooming Covers
Release Date: February 4, 2019
She was supposed to be my forever.
Instead, I became her worst enemy.
I fell for the one
girl I could never have…
And it destroyed us
I did a bad, bad
But she isn’t
exactly innocent either.
When I’m faced with
the ultimate choice – Let her die or save her – I grab her and run.
She calls me a
monster. The devil himself.
No one will take her
from me.
She’s mine to
Mine to keep…
Note: This STANDALONE novel contains disturbing content
that may be offensive to some readers. No Cliffhanger. Book 4 in the Savage Men

something touches my shoulder, and I freak out.
I shriek,
but my voice is blocked by a hand covering my mouth.
fills my veins, panic bubbling to the surface. I try to spin on my chair, but
can’t, because someone’s holding me down firmly. Strong arms with a scent that
reminds me of … soot.
“It’s me,
don’t scream,” he whispers.
He leans
back and I immediately stand up and turn to face him. “Brandon! Jesus.”
Didn’t wanna scare you,” he says, a little too loud.
I close my
eyes and let out a sigh. “God, could you’ve been anymore creepy?”
“I could …
If I wanted to,” he says, raising one brow, mocking me.
I narrow my
eyes, but my body remains rigid. Tense. It’s like my brain has already decided
for me that I can’t trust him. At least, not after what happened at the
bonfire. “What are you doing here?” I whisper, still upset that he jumped on me
like that. And even though he says I shouldn’t be scared, my skin still
prickles where he touched me.
“I just
wanted to see you, that’s all,” he says with a way too cocky voice.
“Shh …” I
say. “Quiet. We’re close to the farmhouse.”
He shrugs.
“I don’t
want my dad to hear us. He’s in there with my brothers.”
“Ahh …” He
takes a step towards me. “You’re afraid he’ll find us here … together?”
“Duh. You
shouldn’t be here,” I say, leaning back, as if I instinctively know not to let
him get close. I don’t know why, but … it feels different. Like I’m playing
with fire and I don’t wanna get burned.
When he
tries to caress my cheek, I turn my face slightly. He pauses. “Are you … afraid
of me?”
Maybe. I
don’t know the answer. I feel like I should. What he did was wrong. Horrible.
But I know
why he did it.
After all
those years of Derek tormenting Brandon, he was bound to explode. But I never
expected it to be this uncontrollable, this explosive. This … dangerous.
“Should I
be?” I ask, licking my lips.
half-smile that forms on his face has my heart skipping a beat. Fuck. I
shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t. Not when he’s like this … so volatile and
aggressive … and sexy.
“I can’t
answer that for you,” he says after a while. He places his hands on the
workbench, trapping me inside. “I don’t want you to be, though.”
easy for you to say …” I whisper, looking down at my feet. Jesus. Why am I such
a pussy when it comes to him? I should speak up, for fuck’s sake. Stop being a
fucking whimpering virgin who can’t handle a little touchy feely.
“Hey …” He
tips up my chin with one finger. “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.”
I nod
softly, as if he just asked me whether or not I believe him. I’m not even sure
I do. I just know I want to, for my sake … and for his.
“But … what
happened at the bonfire …” I mutter.
I don’t
know how to begin my sentence or how to end it. Just like I don’t know where we
began and where we should end.
Maybe now.
Why do I
feel this way around him?
Why is it
that when a guy loses control, I want him even more?
Am I that
obsessed with bad boys? Jesus, help me.
Author Bio

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today
Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an
avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women.
Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and
her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time she enjoys
watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and
cooking her favorite meals.

Want to get an
email when my next book is released? Sign up here to receive 4 FREE short
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Cover Reveal: Claimed Royalty by Betty Shreffler

Title: Claimed Royalty
Series: Crowned and Claimed #1
Author: Betty Shreffler
Genre: Royal Intrigue Fantasy Romance/
Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: PopKitty Design
Release Date: February 8, 2019

In a world where
a woman’s purity is the fine line between being Queen and being killed, he was
given one duty—to protect my purity and above all, to protect me. Both were a
battle we weren’t ready for.
Forced by tradition, and as their chosen Queen, I must endure my trials
and the suitor phase, ultimately giving myself to a man from the Royal Houses.
Each one competes to be my King, all wanting what no other has had…my purity.
To have what I truly want would risk my entire reign, but to do what is
expected of me would destroy my heart. My only protection is to follow through,
giving each royal the opportunity to win their prize…me in a bedroom suite and
a crown atop their head.
Behind closed doors, I commit my biggest sin, loving a man I’m
forbidden to have. When the time comes for me to be crowned, I’ll be forced to
make a choice—risk our love or risk my life.
From the Author:
This story contains multiple men pursuing and having a relationship with the
lead heroine. Story may not be suitable for readers who dislike love triangles,
ménage, or why choose reverse harems. This series is as sexy as it is
suspenseful. Packed with romance, drama, action, and unexpected twists. Once
you start, you won’t want to put it down!

Author Bio
Betty Shreffler is a
USA Today and International Bestselling Romance Author. She writes sexy and
suspenseful stories with hot alphas and kickass heroines with twists you don’t
expect. She also writes beautiful and sexy romances with tough women and their
journeys at finding love. Betty is a mix of country, nerdy, sassy, sweet and a
whole lot of sense of humor. She’s a fan of photography, reading, movies,
hiking, traveling, wine, and all things romantic. She lives with her amazing
hubs and three fur babies in Tennessee. If she’s not writing or doing book
events, then you can find her behind the lens of a camera, in the woods, or
sipping wine behind a deliciously steamy book.
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Cover & Preorder: Spring Fling Anthology

Spring Fling Cover

Spring Fling: A Romance Anthology

Authors: Ella James, Bethany Lopez, Claudia Burgoa, K.K. Allen, Parker S. Huntington,

Cambria Hebert, Nicole French, Grahame Claire, Harloe Rae, Logan Chance,

Leslie Pike, Saffron A. Kent, Sunniva Dee, Heather M. Orgeron, Amelia Wilde

Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design

Release Date: April 2, 2019



Fling: (noun) a short period of enjoyment.

I see you from across the room.
Tall. Dark. Handsome.
Everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

You stare at me.
Our eyes connect.
I know you want me.

And just for tonight, I’ll give in to temptation…
A kiss. Your touch. One wild night.
But when morning comes, I’ll be gone.

Because everyone knows flings can’t last…
Or can they?

Warning: This spring is about to get wet. Fifteen authors. Fifteen never-before-seen novellas.


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  • 1 winner will receive a signed copy of Real Good Love and Real Good Man by Meghan March
  • 1 winner will receive a signed copy of Tempt the Playboy by Natasha Madison

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Ella James

Bethany Lopez

Claudia Burgoa

K.K. Allen

Parker S. Huntington

Cambria Hebert

Nicole French

Grahame Claire

Harloe Rae

Logan Chance

Leslie Pike

Saffron A. Kent

Sunniva Dee

Heather M. Orgeron

Amelia Wilde





Cover Reveal: The Thing About Us by Jennifer Domenico

Title: The Thing About Us
Author: Jennifer Domenico
Genre: Contemporary MMF Menage Romance
Cover Design: Wicked by Design
Release Date: February 4, 2019


It was all fun and
games until it wasn’t. Lies, deceit, and jealousy threaten to tear the three of
us apart. We can have it all, but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Ben: I never thought I’d show my best friend this side of me, but I had to
take my one shot or regret it forever.

Luc: It was only supposed to be one night of something I didn’t understand and
never wanted, but it became so much more.

Georgie: They want me to choose, but I want them both. They just have to
admit they want it too.

The thing about us? We can make it work…even if we have to fight to keep it together.

The three of us pile into the back of the car and before we
barely start moving, Georgie is kissing Ben and pulling my shirt to bring me
closer. I move closer, stroking her hair as she and Ben make out, trying to
analyze my feelings. The whole night has been tinged with sexual tension. Now,
knowing Ben is willing to go as far with this as possible, I have to get on
board or get out. I just can’t understand why watching them is turning me on so
I let my hand move down her body over her hip, then around
the front where I inch my way up to her tits. Ben starts kissing her neck,
freeing her mouth for me to move in. I kiss her as his hands move into her
hair. When Ben starts kissing her cleavage, she moans softly, driving me a
little closer to the edge. Feeling a bit freer, I let my hand grope her through
her dress, and she responds by gripping my dick through my trousers. We’re
interrupted when the car stops and the driver announces we’re back at Georgie’s
place. Ben opens the door and exits the car, but I grab Georgie’s wrist
stopping her.
“Are you sure you want us to come in? Both of us.”
“I’m sure, Luc. Let’s go.”
I tell the driver we’re done for the night and walk up to
the door where Ben is kissing a giggling Georgie on the neck whilst she unlocks
the door. To say I’m in all new territory is an understatement. I’m well versed
in multiple women scenarios thanks to my uni days, but another man? Never. My
best mate? Definitely never. The truth is, I want Georgie enough to give it a
Author Bio

Jennifer Domenico writes contemporary and erotic romances.
She loves alpha males with a soft spot, flawed characters, and strong, sassy
women. Her characters usually have a side of kink and aren’t afraid to demand
what they want. The author doesn’t apologize for that. She’s a sucker for a
happy ending as long as it comes with a lot of heat.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona but is a Bostonian at heart. The way to her heart
can be reached with a foreign accent, a shot of Fireball, and an unlimited
supply of cupcakes.

She is also known under her alter ego, Jaelyn LaStoria, author of time travel
romances, because why not.

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