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✰✰COVER REVEAL ✰✰ Outside the Lines by Beth Rhodes

Cover Reveal


Book Title: Outside the Lines
Author: Beth Rhodes
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 8, 2015
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Book Blurb

For the first time in her life, good-girl Maria Rodriguez throws aside caution for an all-consuming desire. She wants freedom from rules and her family looking over her shoulder. She wants the love she’s only ever dreamed of. But then that love walks away. Jaded bachelor David March doesn’t believe in love. His fling with the pretty Hispanic woman from California is as close to feeling as he wants to get. Now, he’s back home, burying himself in work and trying to forget.
Shortly after he leaves, Maria finds out she’s pregnant. Her first leap into freedom results in a life-changing consequence. She knows she has to find him. But what she finds is not what she expects. David is not the down-to-earth man he portrayed. And the love she remembers has been replaced by cold calculation and contracts. He lied to her once. Can she trust that a marriage agreement will bring back the love they once shared?

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Maria watched the odometer for the miles as she rolled down the road. His turn-off should be another mile. Milton Trail, on the left. She turned. Point seven miles to the drive—according to Google, anyway. The fact that a residence had even popped up for the address had been a moment of victory in itself.

About fifty yards before the drive, the tree line broke. “Whoa.” She swallowed. “Okay. No problem.”

No problem! No problem!

The house was huge. Like an expensive, exclusive resort hotel, sitting on top of the snowy hill, like a castle from medieval times. It was stone and had wrought iron over the smaller windows. It had a humungous picture window across the north face. The double doors just to the left had to be at least eight feet tall.

There was one of those wreaths she’d seen in town on the left door.

“Holy…” She pulled into the drive, and for a moment debated turning around. She could leave town. He’d be none the wiser. What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him. “Shit. He probably owns the town.”

And that one thought jarred the fright from her soul.

Anger balled within her gut. He’d lied.

The man who’d come to Red Bluff was about to learn the truth. He’d made no promises to her, but he’d loved her like no one else before. She couldn’t live with herself, keeping such a secret from him. It seemed unfair, cruel.

With one final nod, she pulled up the driveway.

It was now or never.

There was an eerie silence as she approached the front door. Maybe this was what it was like to be ultra-rich. Her family wasn’t poor, not by a long shot, but her home was always filled with noise. With so many siblings, it was no wonder.

She lifted the knocker and let go.

A tall woman in all black except for the white apron that circled her waist threw open the door. Black grandma shoes on her feet and black stockings. Her eyes flashed a warning that had Maria hesitating to speak.

“There you are! My god, where are they sending temps from now? Concord? Didn’t Jerry tell you to use the back door?” The woman frowned, grabbed Maria by the arm, and pulled her through the door.

Adrenaline rushed through Maria’s system, and she tugged her arm free. “Hey.” She stood back, putting distance between herself and the crazy lady.

“You’ll need to move your car before Mr. March gets home. Maybe you should do that now.” The woman worried her lip for a fraction of a second before making the decision. “Yes, better do it now.”

“Uh, look. I’m sorry—”

“And you should be.” The woman glanced at her watch. “You’re two hours late! Monday is a big day around here. I asked for someone to come early. I have the entire main floor to clean and get ready for the New Year Library Tea. I can’t very well get someone to clean on Sunday. Unless you want to drive all the way up here tomorrow morning. Hmm?” Her brow rose on the rhetorical question.

She thought Maria was a maid? “I’m not—”

“Of course you’re not. None of you people ever are—”

Temper blinded her for a mere moment. “Now, look here, lady—”

A door slammed open from down the long hall, cutting Maria off.

“Ree?” Shock rode the familiar voice of seduction.

Maria froze, surprise taking her breath away. But not surprise, exactly. He was the reason she was in this frozen tundra that was Vermont.

David March.


Meet the Author

Twelve years ago, Beth Rhodes tried her hand at fanfiction. Trixie Belden, her favorite school girl sleuth, needed a chance at romance—doesn’t everyone? A romantic at heart, Beth believes everyone deserves a good dose of love. Earning her MRS in college, she married her own real-life hero. For her, love is the one language every human shares. She and her husband raise their six children in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains where she indulges in her addiction to caffeine and romance novels. Keep up with her crazy life by visiting her webpage http://www.authorbethrhodes.com

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Cover Reveal: Sober Addiction by A.S. Brown


Title: Sober Addiction
Author: A.S. Brown
Releasing: Fall 2015
Hollywood Socialite and heiress to the Fairfield Casino empire, Eliza Fairfield has lived her entire life in the spotlight. However, the glamorous life filled with money and fame isn’t as enchanting as it appears. When her drug addiction lands her in rehab for the fourth time, Eliza is ready to get in and get out. By this point, rehab is just a pit-stop. She plans on them as often as she plans on her next high.  
What she didn’t plan on was her encounter with Lucas “Cas” Henderson. As Eliza and Cas begin to form a relationship despite all of the odds stacked against them, Eliza starts feeling things that she never thought were possible. She begins to hope for a future she figured was just a dream. 
As they leave the safe, secured walls of their rehab facility, their relationship is put to the test. Who would have thought rehab would have been the easy part? Fighting their demons and the hell of addiction was something they thought they could accomplish together. But, when life intervenes and they are forced to leave rehab separately, they have no choice but to face the complications of real life alone as well as fight for a relationship they both desperately want. Can these two rise above their destructive pasts to become what they are meant to be or are the odds just too much to overcome?


About the Author:

A.S. Brown is new to the writing world with Sober Addiction being her debut novel. When she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with family, reading and dreaming up new ideas to write about. She lives in small town Pennsylvania with her husband, two children and two geriatric dogs. 



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Cover Reveal: Katy Regnery ~ THE ROUSSEAUS


The Rousseaus, Books #1, 2 & 3









JONQUILS FOR JAX, The Rousseaus #1

(The Blueberry Lane Series #12)

By Katy Regnery


Publication Date: 8.5.16

ISBN: 978-0-9966547-6-0


Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau is vivacious, rich, smart and beautiful…but that doesn’t mean she’s lucky in love: she’s dated doctors, lawyers, actors and politicians who’ve all managed to end up disappointing her. In fact, she’s on a self-imposed hiatus from love when  she has an unpleasant run-in with her neighbor’s gorgeous new landscaper, Gardener Lenox. Jax is not accustomed to gruff, ill-mannered men that can’t be charmed, but something about Gard intrigues her, and if she can find her way through the armor that surrounds his heart, she also might find a love that won’t let her down.


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MARRY ME MAD, The Rousseaus #2

(The Blueberry Lane Series #13)

By Katy Regnery


Publication Date: 9.2.16

ISBN: 978-0-9966547-7-7


For as long as Madeleine “Mad” Rousseau can remember, she’s been the “sweet” twin to her sister Jax’s “sassy.” But after an especially painful break-up, Mad decides she’s had enough of being sweet. Children’s librarian during the day, she begins visiting Philly’s seedier nightspots on a quest for adventure and experience. When Cortlandt “Cort” Ambler, the ex-boyfriend of Mad’s sister, Jax, saves her from disaster on one such evening, an unlikely friendship is born between the rebellious librarian and the moonlighting pianist…and two broken hearts begin a journey toward being whole again.


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J.C. AND THE BIJOUX JOLIS, The Rousseaus #3

(The Blueberry Lane Series #14)

By Katy Regnery


Publication Date 10.7.16

ISBN: 978-0-9966547-8-4


Jean Christian “J.C.” Rousseau’s reputation as a charming flirt has been well-established in Philadelphia, and he’s never had trouble winning a woman’s heart. So, when Libitz Feingold, the best friend of J.C.’s sister-in-law, Kate, comes to Philly to help out during Kate’s final weeks of pregnancy, J.C. is shocked to discover that the prickly New York-based gallery owner and jewelry designer is completely immune to his charm. Recruited to help her set-up a local gallery, it’s not long before he starts to fall for her, but he’s going to have to rely on more than mere flirtation if he wants a shot at winning her heart.


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Blueberry lane digital revised

Artist: Paul Siegel

Based on the bestselling series by Katy Regnery



Signed prints, photo prints, mugs and keychains can be purchased at http://www.katyregnery.com!




Wes wants to know what we think of the Rousseaus.”

From across the table, Stratton’s head snapped up from canoodling with Valeria. “We think they’re assholes.”

–Wild about Weston, The English Brothers #5


Dear Readers,


I have to tell you…my mind has been writing the stories of Jax, Mad and J.C. Rousseau ever since they were first mentioned in The English Brothers’ books:


Scorchingly-hot flirt J.C., who has charmed the pants off a hundred women, but longs to find one who will challenge him to be more.


Strong, smart, sassy, go-getter Jax, who rocks stilettos, barely takes a breath between words and for whom true love has been strangely elusive.


Sweet, gentle Mad, who has always wished she had half the sass of her twin and longs for more drama and adventure in her ho-hum life.


I know that you are all going to fall head over heels for this trio of hot siblings and their loves, including some already-introduced characters (Libitz Feingold and Cortlandt Ambler) and some new (Gardener Lenox!)


You may not realize it, but if you’ve been reading the Blueberry Lane Series from the beginning, you already know quite a lot about Jax, Mad and J.C.. But for you newbies, I thought I’d compile a few quotes from previous books to get you all better acquainted. Without further ado…here’s a recap.


MEET Jax, Mad & J.C.!!





PS — Don’t forget to pre-order now on iBooks and Kobo. Barnes & Noble and Amazon pre-orders will be available next summer! For more information about the Rousseaus, visit my website HERE.




Jacqueline “Jax” Rousseau


♥“Hi, Molly,” said the woman to her left. “I’m Jacqueline Rousseau. J.C.’s sister.”

“But everyone calls her Jax,” said the stunning woman sitting beside Jax. “And I’m Madeline Rousseau, but everyone calls me Mad.”

“Jax and Mad,” repeated Molly, offering them both a friendly smile, while puzzling internally about such odd nicknames.

–Wild about Weston, The English Brothers #5


♥ Touching the mouse on her laptop gingerly, she scrolled through a series of Jax-selfies taken an hour ago at the same party Kate had been attending: Jax looking dark-haired, dark-eyed and fierce, hand on a jutted hip in front of a skyscraper-shaped ice sculpture…Jax and her twin sister, Mad, pursing their red, shiny lips for the camera…Jax posing with one of the Ambler sisters, her index finger caught between her teeth, somehow managing to look both sexy and bored-to-tears at once…

Kate kept skating through pictures and status updates, chuckling softly at a quip about stiletto heels and rainy spring nights. Though they’d been childhood acquaintances, Kate had only recently gotten to know adult-Jax through a month’s worth of online lurking, and she liked the feisty young brunette.

–Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥When their father had passed away a few years ago, they’d started the Rousseau Trust together as a way of investing his vast fortune. Last year, Jax had come on board after making a decision to attend law school. –Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥Lilliane Rousseau beamed at Jacqueline and Madeline, who had recently insisted they be called Jax and Mad in an episode of ridiculous teenage folly that would almost certainly blow over by next week. –Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥ “He’s such a weirdo,” said Jax, shaking her head at her older brother.

“I guess it’s time to go,” agreed Mad with an embarrassed sigh.

The twins shimmied to the edge of the trampoline, making it ripple and breaking Étienne’s connection to Kate as she unclasped his hand.

–Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥Jessica turned to Kate. “Do you ever remember hearing about a thing between Jax Rousseau and Cort Ambler?”

“Cort?” Kate pursed her lips. “I don’t think so.”

Jess nodded, knowingly, moving Cort’s tiny place card away from the Rousseaus. “I do.”

–Bidding on Brooks, The Winslow Brothers #1


♥Suddenly the brunette turned around, and Preston realized it was Jax Rousseau, his next door neighbor from adjacent Chateau Nouvelle. He had recently heard that Jax had joined a competing firm in entertainment law, though he hadn’t had a chance to congratulate her yet…or tease her a little bit about stealing her clients. –Proposing to Preston, The Winslow Brothers #2


♥ “Jax Rousseau, meet Elise Klassan. Elise, this is Jax.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“You too,” said Jax, with a smile that doubled her considerable beauty. “I loved you in The Awakening. Hey! Let’s take a selfie!”

Surprised but charmed by Jax Rousseau’s exuberant request, Elise nodded. “Sure.”

Cheek to cheek, Elise smiled for Jax’s camera and watched the brunette load the picture onto Facebook before they sat down side by side on the couch. Gene pulled up a chair across from them.

“So, Elise…like I said, Jax is one of the Assistant Producers on the project, and she’s also our legal contact in Philly.” He turned to Jax. “Want to fill her in on the rest of the details, precious?”

“I’d love it!” said Jax, flashing her million megawatt smile and turning her whole body to face Elise. “High Society is my favorite movie of all time, so obvi I love The Philadelphia Story…when I bought the rights to re-make a modern version and sold them to Warner, it was under the condition that all shooting would take place on-site at my family’s estate in Pennsylvania. You know, my little way of memorializing my childhood home.”

“Wow,” said Elise, realizing that despite this woman’s apparent youth, she was a mover and shaker. “I love it…but, the rest of your family doesn’t mind? Filming on location can be…intrusive.”

Jax shrugged. “We don’t actually live there anymore. My oldest brother recently relocated to New York. My twin sister and I have a condo in Philly. My other brother lives with his fiancé, but they’re getting married at Chateau Nouvelle this winter, which is why we need to start filming right away. I promised Étienne and Kate we’d be finished by October at the latest.”

“Chateau Nouvelle?”

“The name of the estate,” explained Jax. “They all have names in Haverford.”

–Proposing to Preston, The Winslow Brothers #2


Madeleine “Mad” Rousseau


♥Their other sister, Mad, had gone a completely different direction with her life, and was the Assistant Children’s Librarian at one of the larger branches of the Philadelphia Public Library. Mad didn’t have the stomach for business—of all the Rousseau children, Madeleine Rousseau was the sweetest, kindest, most tender-hearted. –Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥Étienne gave her a look then turned back to Mad, who picked up her coat from an arm chair and quickly shrugged into it.

“I have to get back to the library,” she said, giving her brother a quick kiss, her cheeks still flaming.


“She’s very important,” said Jax, waving goodbye to Mad and tugging Étienne forward. “Young minds to mold and all that.”

“Dinner on Friday night?” Étienne called after Mad.

“Yes. At J.C.’s place,” she said, stepping into the waiting elevator as the glass door whooshed closed.

He turned back to Jax. “What’s up with her?”

“Boy, you’re dense.”

“Am I?”

“Hells, yes.” Jax cocked her head to the side. “Can’t you tell? She’s in love. Obvi.”

“What? What the hell? With who?”

“Whom,” corrected Jax.

“With whom is our baby sister in love?” he asked, realizing that Jax had somehow maneuvered him down the hall to his office.

“I could tell you,” said Jax, “but then I’d have to kill you. And I like you way too much for murder.”

–Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥Kate bit her bottom lip wondering if he’d laugh at her dream of sponsoring a special needs feline shelter in Philadelphia. “There isn’t a shelter just for special needs animals in Philly. I was thinking…”

“About starting one? I bet my sister, Mad, would give you a hand. She’s a softie too.”

“I always liked Mad,” said Kate, loving it that he’d jumped on board without ridiculing her or second-guessing her plans.

–Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


Jean Christian “J.C.” Rousseau


♥Alex tracked Jessie with his eyes as she shook hands with some friends of Cam’s, and his fingers fisted as he watched J.C. Rousseau look down at her breasts, then widen his smile. –Anyone but Alex, The English Brothers #3


♥Alex English stepped up to the mic next and introduced himself with an off-color joke. J.C. Rousseau laughed beside Molly, the low rumble pleasing.

“Do you know Alex?” J.C. asked her.

“Everyone knows Alex,” whispered Jax, to her left.

“Not me,” said Molly, smiling politely at J.C.’s younger sister.

“And not you,” growled J.C. at Jax, with a direct look.

“Shut up, J.C.,” said one of the Winslow brothers from across the table. “He’s reformed.”

“Alex? Never.”

The Winslow brother seated next to the older Story sister—Molly believed his name was Cameron—looked like steam was about to come out of his ears. “Shut it, Rousseau. Ferme la douche, huh?”

J.C. chuckled softly beside her, not the least bit bothered by the Winslows’ hot-headed warnings.

–Wild about Weston, The English Brothers #5


♥Swinging his eyes to her other side, Weston clenched his jaw. J.C. Rousseau. After Alex, the Rousseau brothers were the most notorious flirts of Blueberry Lane. Damn. –Wild about Weston, The English Brothers #5


♥Weston wasn’t sure what was going on between Alex and Kate, but now wasn’t the time to find out. J.C. Rousseau was Barrett’s age, which meant that Barrett probably knew him best. He leaned over Kate a little. “Barrett, what’s J.C. like?”

“Solid businessman. Good with figures. Brokers international deals between—”

“Sweetheart,” said Barrett’s fiancée, Emily, gently. “That’s not what Wes is asking.”

“What’s he asking?”

Emily’s eyes widened and she licked her lips.

“Oh,” said Barrett, his whole body shifting closer to Emily. “Oh.”

“Barrett?” said Weston. “I’m over here.”

Barrett turned back to Weston, but his eyes were darker and Weston noticed his hand snake out and grab Emily’s, pulling it possessively into his lap.

“What’s he like with women? Charming. Smooth. He dated Hope for a while before Alex did. But, I don’t hear bad things about him. He’s certainly no Étienne…”

–Wild about Weston, The English Brothers #5


♥ “Ah, Weston. You English brothers take yourselves so seriously. We French have far more fun.” J.C. winked at Molly before turning away from them and sauntering back to the table. –Wild about Weston, The English Brothers #5


♥ “So Barrett, Emily, Val, and I were hanging out at the bar. Suddenly J.C. Rousseau sidles up, all oily with his stupid toothy smile, and starts talking to Barrett about some piece of property that he and his siblings own in New Orleans, and how they want to unload it.”

Only Stratton would call J.C. Rousseau—a man so darkly handsome women literally swooned when he smiled—oily and toothy. She grinned, then refocused.

–Kiss me Kate, The English Brothers #6


♥ Étienne’s face lightened again. “So? How’s Libitz?”

“She’s good,” said Kate, closing her briefcase and relaxing into her seat. “She owns an art gallery in SoHo. She calls herself prickly, but I think Lib’s just an acquired taste…and she still calls me on all of my crap.”

“So, she’s still your best friend?”

Kate nodded. “Oh, yeah. I can’t imagine not knowing Lib.”

“Based on what you told me, I always thought she might be a good match for J.C.,” said Étienne, his eyes twinkling.

“Lib with a W.A.S.P.? Fat chance.”

“Hey, now…we’re not W.A.S.P.s. First of all, we’re neither Anglo, nor Saxon. We’re French. And second of all, we’re Catholic.”

Kate chuckled, conceding his point. “Still…debonair player J.C. with prickly little Lib? I don’t see it.”

“She’d call him out on all of his shit,” said Étienne, cocking an eyebrow and daring Kate to disagree.

“That she would,” agreed Kate, smiling and shaking her head because she couldn’t imagine it ever happening. With nil threshold for bullshit, Lib would likely deck J.C. before he could even make a pass at her.

–Kiss Me Kate, The English Brothers #6


rock star

Cover Reveal for Finn Beckett by MJ Fields

ecover finn (1)

Model: Franggy Yanez – Fracrox

Designer: K23 Photography and Design

Special Thanks To Ellie McLove at Love N Looks

Release Date: November 13

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I walked through hell, some of it caused by myself. Things were torn away from me that I would never get back. Hearts were broken beyond repair. Then mayhem ensued, and I lost who I was.
Music was always part of it. Music almost killed me. It dragged me in, caught me up, and almost destroyed me. I lost who I was and became someone I never wanted to be.
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The release, the buzz, the electric guitar’s rage against all that was f’ed up in the world. It took me away and made me feel something when I was a soulless nothing … until the high wore off.
Music also brought me back.
I woke to a Zeppelin song, face down in my own vomit, next to a pile of coke and with three naked women at my feet. Disgusted with myself, disgusted with them, I walked, and I walked alone.
One chance meeting, a golden opportunity, a chance of a lifetime changed it all.
The sins of the past are behind me now. The day has finally come when I will walk onstage, not as an opening act, but as the act. Hours before my dream comes to fruition, though, I run into a girl, one f’ing girl, and I am back on the path of destruction.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00046]

the series



About the author

USA Today bestselling author MJ FIELDS’s love of writing was in full swing by age eight.
Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter and sold it for ten cents to family members. She self-published her first New Adult romance in January 2013. Today she has completed six self-published series,The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, The Men of Steel series, Ties of Steel series, and The Norfolk series.
MJ is a hybrid author who publishes an Indie book almost every month, and is signed with a traditional publisher, Loveswept, Penguin Random House, for her co- written series The Caldwell Brothers. Hendrix is available now, Morrison will be released on December 22nd, 2015.
There is always something in the works, and she has three, yes, three, new series coming out this summer, and fall.
MJ was a former small business owner, who closed shop so she could write full time.
MJ lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of
pets, people, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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Cover Reveal: First Ride by Tara Oakes

First Ride is releasing November 10th, 2015!


First Ride WEB size


Tara Oakes is pleased to share the never before seen cover of First Ride, the first book in the Slayers MC Series!

*** This book is intended for those 18 years or older due to strong, mature, sexual content that is dark at times. ***
“Since when are bikers the good guys?… They’re filthy as SIN.”
Dawson McCade is used to having to fight for everything. He fought hard for his position as the President of one of the most ruthless, bad-ass, outlaw motorcycle clubs… the Riverdale chapter of the SLAYERS, MC.

He’s prepared to fight with everything he has against the newest threat to his organization… the Conquistadors drug cartel as it begins to move in on his club’s territory.

One thing he’s not used to fighting, though, is against himself. Ever since the moment he first laid eyes on the innocent, angelic, Molly Donovan, his world’s been thrown upside down. 
He’s a killer, an animal, with dark demons buried deep. Demons that he’s used to help fuel the drive that’s gotten him to where he is in life. He’s not looking for redemption, he’s not looking for temptation… hell, he IS the temptation.

Molly, his “angel”, brings a whole new threat to Dawson’s life. One that can’t be fought on the outside like everything else he’s used to. She’s going to cause a war within him, one that’s more dangerous and terrifying to him than the bullets that the Conquistadors are sending his way.
The Slayers MC are soldiers, fighters. Dawson’s going to need every single bit of those things to lead both his club and his heart to victory.
*This is a BRAND NEW series by Tara Oakes, authoress of the Kingsmen MC series. Although the two series will have slight overlap, this series is fully written to be read as a complete standalone from the Kingsmen.

For those of you that have already fallen in love will Tara’s sexy bikers, fear not… you’re about to get a whole new group of alpha book-boyfriends to add to your collection.




Amazon: http://amzn.to/1W0pDuD
First Ride teaser


Info – Tara Oakes


Tara is a thirty something newbie author from Long Island, New York. She’s a voracious reader, a passionate writer and obsessive junk T.V. aficionado. When she’s not doing one of those three things she is attempting to garden, hanging with her hubby or partaking in some retail therapy. She enjoys connecting with her readers and is having a blast entering into this new world of publishing.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lil_Oakes

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JfQF0w




Website: https://www.authortaraoakes.com
Newsletter Sign Up: http://bit.ly/1h7pw3D


Vesper by Olivia Hayes Cover Reveal

Vesper cover


Book: Vesper

Author: Olivia Hayes

Genre: Erotic Romance


Vesper full cover



It was love at first sight.

I wasn’t looking for love.

When he touched me, I knew I was his.

When I touched her, I made her mine.

I thought we had a future together.

I wanted a future with her.

He lied and it broke me.

I lied to protect her.

I never thought I’d see him again.

I couldn’t believe she was standing there.

He said things would be different.

I wanted everything to be different.

It wasn’t meant to be.

I blew my second chance.

Now it’s too late for us.

It’ll never be too late for us.

teaser 2


teaser 3


Author Bio:

Olivia Hayes is a native of Savannah, Georgia and now lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her loving husband and two children. With her southern roots, Olivia dreamt of one day writing books with the backdrop of coastal Georgia and South Carolina. When she’s not reading, writing, or working her day job, Olivia enjoys spending time entertaining friends and family.


Social Links:


@BareNakedWords @oliviahauthor  #Vesper #coverreveal #OliviaHayes