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Spotlight and Review: Gratis – New Beginnings

Gratis New Beginnings

Gratis is offered FREE by numerous vendors.

Gratis-New Beginnings 5 Star Review

Ten short stories from talented authors of erotica with just enough dialogue

to complete them, no loose ends, no cliffhangers just the way I like it.

Some are shorts from full-length books so if you like what you’ve read

check out the full version. From romantic to hard core scenes of screaming

hot sex there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Pick a story read it and move on to the next, variety is the spice of life!

This collection contains stories by Erzabet Bishop, M.J. Carey, KM Dylan, Jason Jaxx, Kay Jaybee, Livilla Sanders, Hedonist Six, Molly Synthia, Chloe Thurlow and Elizabeth Woodham.

Themes include: Lesbian, BDSM, Romance

Just a hint of what is ahead:

1. Reunited, Justine and Kate can finally enjoy what was denied when younger.

2. David and Alice have survived  failed relationships to discover a new calling; Master and Sub!

3. You will be treated to a naughty bachelorette party, ooh-la-la!

4. If you catch me, you can have me, ready… set… go.

5. I love you at any weight, like unwrapping a gift.

6. As Tanya searches for her next taste, memories of her first fill her mind.

7. Hello, Candy here, phone sex and a career change set the stage for a possible love connection.

8. Feeling insecure after years of marriage Connie decides to spice up their sex life.

9. The roll of the dice is their contract.

10. Life revealed through a set of nesting dolls and as each one is opened Chloe’s salacious

sex life is on display only who will claim it?

Raw and erotic scenes of sexual connections will make you blush while your

body will seek sensual pleasure.  Not for the puritanical reader as it will shock and

corrupt you!  Is there anything better than free erotic short stories, hmmm, maybe

if they came with a vibrator!

Gratis Website: http://www.gratisanthology.com/

B&N: http://goo.gl/dIsgSY

Kobo: http://goo.gl/8DgtHx

Google Play: http://goo.gl/5w6ntp

All Romance: http://goo.gl/4WIUOM

Smashwords: http://goo.gl/iqDDYr

US: http://goo.gl/Df9hvw

UK: http://goo.gl/PMmL5c

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20956960-gratis

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Blitz: GRATIS MIDWINTER TALES BY Chloe Thurlow, EA Chapterhouse, Elizabeth Woodham, Hedonist Six, Jason Jaxx, Kay Jaybee, KM Dylan, Livilla Sanders, MJ Carey

Christmas has come early: Nine writers work together to create the must-read Free Holiday release of 2013. Every one of the twelve stories contained within Gratis : Midwinter Tales serves as a satisfying bite out of each author’s repertoire, to tempt and seduce and sweep you off your feet. Our stories comfortably straddle both erotica and romance genres and cover a variety of themes. Some are innocent, others seek to force you to your knees, but all have something in common: they’ll make you feel.

cover2-smash Gratis

Story blurbs Snow Falls Softly by Chloe Thurlow It is the night when Jools feels as if she is gripped in the hands of destiny, a night of uncontrollable passion, a love so deep it feels as if her soul is bursting. It begins to snow as Josh takes her in his arms and kisses her eyes, her neck. He draws her top over her head and her breath catches as his long kiss caresses the hollow of her throat. In two days, Josh will marry another woman unless Jools can convince him to stay or the snow that falls and keeps falling prevents him from going.

In the Mood by E.A. Chapterhouse In the mood: A moment in time, as if unfolding a calendar to find a secret day within, EAC and the Muse go to a celebration for a legend of the big band era. Their shared moment is captured by memories, sounds, colours and an intruding photographer.

Wicked Games by Elizabeth Woodham I adore writing and work in a number of genres. Writing erotica is stimulating; I like to explore age-gap scenarios and feature older man, younger woman relationships in ‘It’s a Sin’ and ‘Eleanor’. ‘Wicked Games’, my contribution to Gratis: Midwinter Tales, is driven by a desire to share a little of Matthew Fletcher’s backstory. Told from more than one point of view, my aim is to take you deep inside his character. We first meet Matthew in ‘Eleanor’, a novella, where he introduces Eleanor Grant to control, dominance, bindings, and wild sex, in an escalation of wicked games. Matthew and Eleanor’s story continues in ‘Falconworth’, an erotic tale set in a medieval manor, sprinkled with a dusting of history and mystery, due for release in 2014.

Virgin by Hedonist Six After nearly four years with Jeff, everything fell apart. I found myself single, scared, but somehow liberated as well. Rather than stumble into another ill advised relationship, my best friend Sally helped me find focus. I would spend the next few months “finding myself” sexually. That’s how The Rebound List was born.

And -this- is how my journey begins: with a virgin. Number one on my naughty bucket list…

What (or whom) would you do to celebrate your freedom after your first serious relationship breaks down?

White (Lights Out) by Jason Jaxx A late night walk through the snow finds Jack alone with thoughts of love, lust, pain and possibility.

A Pair Well Met, Blinked and The New Year Dancers by Kay Jaybee How long would you wait in the cold on New Year’s Eve in the hope of getting a glimpse of an erotic ceremony that might not even happen? In The New Year Dancers a new sexual acolyte is adopted in the mists of a midnight forest. An arranged marriage takes an unexpected twist in A Pair Well Met, a force fantasy retelling of A Taming of the Shrew, and something not entirely human is in control in Blinked…but what is it…

The Future First Lady of France by KM Dylan Fashion supermodel Katie Wolfer’s scandalous journey of sexual awakening takes a sharp turn as her charismatic fiancée, Victor de Goncourt, begins campaigning to be elected the president of France. His baleful grandmother, the Duchess, demands that Katie clean up her act, and Katie wonders, does she have what it takes to be the first lady of France?

This story picks up where the first two volumes of Katie’s fictionalized erotic memoirs (the Cult of Beauty series) leave off, but it stands on its own.

Irrecusable by Livilla Sanders ‘Irrecusable’, my contribution to Gratis: Midwinter Tales, is told by Kate Parkinson. She encounters the alluring sexual force that is Séverine Rogers, a star character who features in ‘Cassie’s Call’, and the focus of my forthcoming novel ‘Séverine’. Kate is persuaded to attend a New Year celebration, and is targeted by the charming and charismatic Séverine, who embarks on a captivating seduction abundant with erotic possibilities, exposing a compelling world of secret desire she has only ever dreamed of.

Glove by M.J. Carey In a moment of calm, away from the hustle of the day before Christmas eve, a woman lays a tribute to her dead lover in the cemetery. Her memories are bitter-sweet, his hold upon her still as strong as ever. She knows she needs to finish mourning and find her way back to life. A young man watches her as she reflects upon the past. She sees him.

A Penheligon Christmas by M.J. Carey Set on Christmas day 1998, a few years before the events in the novel: House of Penheligon: Danielle’s rules, this short story tells the origin of Lizzie, maidservant to the House. Alicia Penheligon has returned from London and is keen to play Santa Claus to her sister Danielle, her cousin Imogene and the rest of the household.

Buy Links

http://bookShow.me/B00GVG59M6 (Amazon: redirects to the correct country site automatically)








Chloe Thurlow chloe-bw-2-225x300

I like to travel to places I have never been before and am happy to spend time on my own. I have strong opinions but respect the opinions of others. I am conscious that our individuality can diminish in the herd and work hard at remaining myself. I keep my word. I don’t tell lies, it’s too demeaning. I remember always that you have to give to get and what comes back often comes in ways you never imagined.

Writing for me is a passion, a sickness, an addiction. When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about what I have just written and, when I do go to bed, I lay sleeplessly thinking about what I am going to write when I get up and start again next day.

I am a night person, an insomniac, the girl at the bar who looks like she should have gone home and perhaps has no home to go to. I compose my work in the silent hours between two and six while London sleeps and the night planes follow the Thames into Heathrow carrying people hoping to make it in the greatest city on earth, the city where I was born. When I do sleep, I sleep badly – in spite of the magnets under my mattress that are supposed to orientate my body north to south so the dragon lines pass through the invisible portal at the top of my skull and down to my feet, my best feature, according to an old boyfriend.

I have worked as a tutor, in marketing, and for a women’s magazine, which involved writing captions for interiors and combat with photographers fixated on depth and apertures. Regular working doesn’t suit me, it interferes with writing, and now I earn a crumb as a waitress, not in a restaurant, but at corporate ‘events’ where masters of the universe congratulate themselves by drinking buckets of champagne and falling over.
At university my tutor introduced me to Anaïs Nin. I published a short story in a magazine edited by one of his former students – all life is incestuous – and writing erotica became my passion. Each of my five novels took the best part of a year to write. I am working on the sixth which I plan to title The House of Strangers, although that may change – the essence of writing and a reminder of my favourite quote by William Blake: The man who never changes his opinion is like standing water and grows reptiles of the mind.

My books are The Secret Life of Girls, A Girl’s Adventure, Girl Trade, Being a Girl and The Gift of Girls. All can be ordered at bookshops or as downloads and paperbacks from Amazon.

Twitter – @chloethurlow1
Facebook – www.facebook.com/chloe.thurlow.5

E.A. Chapterhouse


A geologist, archaeologist, explorer, mountaineer and writer, I travel a lot and am usually found on a plane, it seems, more than on the ground, where, Ideally I want to be. My archaeology and exploration is a fortunate consequence of my work as a geologist. I write for my job, while writing erotica is my hobby.

My erotic stories are dedicated to the muse; she who inspires me and without whom, these stories would not exist.


Elizabeth Woodham elizabeth woodham

I’ve been interested in pornography and erotica since the day I found a stash of magazines for men under my parents’ bed. I read every word and pored over the pictures. I had my first serious relationship when I was eighteen – with a man in his thirties. He is the basis for many of my male characters. I like to explore age-gap scenarios and feature older man, younger woman relationships in It’s a Sin and Her Sugar Daddy. Now I’m grown up, there are few things I like more than predatory sex. Indulging my inner kitten. I fill my life with hedonistic, sexual adventures, only coming up for air to commit everything to the machine. My last affair isn’t yet distant enough to share, but when Lee is relegated to the past, he’ll appear somewhere in one of my stories. I use many different methods to write. Sometimes, everything goes into a notebook; I buy new notebooks for each story, filling more than one. I’ve always been passionate about stationery, I find the smell of new paper oddly erotic, I love Kay Jaybee’s story Cardboard, which explores one of my favourite scents. Many of my tales are set in London. It is the city I know best although I have strong affinity with Rome and Venice. Her Sugar Daddy was written in Venice. I go every year and take millions of photographs. I simply adore the city and all the Islands. I could sit on a Venetian bus all day. I enjoy all types of literature, but prefer to write short erotica, although I’m aware that readers probably prefer a nice chunky novel, teeming with romance, sex and feisty heroines willing to try anything at least once. The appetite for BDSM triggered by the Fifty Shades trilogy has led to a general acceptance of all things erotic, which I guess must be a good thing. It’s pleasurable to read erotica, and I devour at least five titles a week. My favourite authors are Chloe Thurlow, E A Chapterhouse, Kay Jaybee, Hedonist Six, Jason Jaxx and Martin J Carey. My current work in progress, Falconworth (sequel to Her Sugar Daddy) has Eleanor and Matthew experimenting with all forms of sex, and I’m happy to do the research on their behalf.

Twitter – @SecretNarrative
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SecretNarrative

Hedonist Six Hedonist Six

Call me “H.” or Hedonist if you prefer. I’m a Romance and Erotica author based in London and I’ve always been a dreamer. You’ll not find flowery language and poetry in my work. What you will find though is believable characters, none of whom perfect, going through life and trying to find happiness. Just like the rest of us.

Recurring themes you’ll find in my work:
Contrast; big / small (BHM/FFA), rich / poor, older / younger, experienced / not so much. Especially the first in the list; I like big men, as I know a lot of women do but may feel awkward admitting it. We’re not doing ourselves and the men we’re attracted to any favours by keeping quiet though!
Confident, self-assured women who aren’t afraid to follow their hearts. Or those who are terrified but ready to break out of their fears to get what they want.
Emotional conflict, insecurities and awkwardness; it excites me to throw my characters into uncomfortable situations and watch them come out stronger at the end of it!

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/HedonistSixAuthor
Twitter – @hedonist6

Jason Jaxx

Jason Jaxx is an author of erotica, starting out on the journey of self-publishing. An avid reader and music lover, he is, obviously, a fan of erotica and adult-themed entertainment. He is happily married to a beautiful woman who shares his belief that fantasy is essential to a healthy sex life. Holding a stressful job that offers no creative outlet, he views writing as a welcome release and challenges himself to explore different themes and styles.
He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person.

Twitter – @jasonjaxx
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/JasonJaxxErotica

K M Dylan Katie-mask-pic

K M Dylan is a former model turned author. She is half French, half American and lives in NYC.

Her introduction to erotica was from amazing classics her parents had hidden away. After reading books by Anais Nin, Emmanuelle Arsan and Pauline Reage’s Story of O, she decided it was okay to experiment sexually and came to view sex as a sensuous erotic experience, sometimes linked to a romantic relationship, and sometimes not. Ms Dylan’s career in fashion together with her sexual exploration have provided inspirational material for her erotic writings.

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/KMDylan
Tumblr – http://kmdylan.tumblr.com

Kay Jaybee kay jaybee

Kay Jaybee wrote the novels The Retreat – Part 2 of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (Xcite, 2013), Making Him Wait, (Sweetmeats Press, 2012), The Voyeur (Xcite, 2012), The Perfect Submissive (Xcite 2012), as well as the novellas, Not Her Type: Erotic Adventures With A Delivery Man (2nd ed. 1001 NightsPress, 2013), Digging Deep (Xcite, 2013), A Sticky Situation, (Xcite, 2012), and The Circus, (Sweetmeats Press). She has also written the anthologies The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012 & 2008), The Best of Kay Jaybee (Xcite, 2012), Tied to the Kitchen Sink, Equipment, (All Romance, 2012), Yes Ma’am (Xcite e-books, 2011), Quick Kink One and Quick Kink Two (Xcite e-books, 2010). Kay has had over 70 short stories published by Cleis Press, Black Lace, Mammoth, Xcite, Penguin, Seal, and Sweetmeats Press.

“Kay Jaybee writes ultra-kinky, smart erotica….” Jordan La Rousee
“Ms Jaybee is truly the Queen of Kink.” KD Grace
“…a phenomenal writer.” Ashley Lister
“Ms Jaybee writes a sensual tale, sexually hot tale…” Kay Dee Royal
“…a master of the craft of erotica.” Oysters and Chocolate
“…a sublime pleasure to read.” Violet Blue

Twitter – @kay_jaybee
Facebook –  http://www.facebook.com/KayJaybeeAuthor
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/3541958-kay-jaybee
Brit Babes Site – http://thebritbabes.blogspot.co.uk/p/kay-jaybee.html
Kay also writes contemporary romance as Jenny Kane – www.jennykane.co.uk

Livilla Sanders


As you may have guessed already, this is not my real name. What I can tell you is that: I like cats, I like chocolate, I like wine. And Game of Thrones. And Babylon 5. And Classical Studies.
I love to travel to Italy and Spain. Rome is my favorite city (being a classics buff) and, apart from the pickpockets, it is always a joy to visit.

I write erotica. At the moment my interest is lesbian fiction, but I have plans for heterosexual stories too.
As with any writer, I’m still learning and love to get feedback, so don’t be shy. I want to write better. So, even if you hate my work, if you can tell me why, I won’t hold it against you. If you like it, but have constructive criticism to offer, please do.
Happy reading.

Twitter – @LivillaSanders
Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7102954.Livilla_Sanders

M.J. Carey


Author of BDSM Erotica; The Sisterhood series; short stories and novellas, and a new series of novels; House of Penheligon. The first book in this series is out now in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.

My stories have been written over years of commutes on the train to work. At present most of the stories deal with female domination. The Sisterhood series is all about that. The new novel; House of Penheligon: Danielle’s Rules explore female domination and submission.

Twitter – @MJCareyB
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/martinj.carey.3

Gratis Review 4 STARS!
Happy Holidays as nine authors of erotica give you short stories that
will warm you on a cold winters night. Each one promises to deliver
flashing images of sensual pleasure. Allow yourself a taste of the
different and unique writing style each has to offer while visions of
orgasms dance in your head.
Chloe Thurlow, Snow Falls Softly is a whispered
tender tale of two lives mingled together for an evening of sweet and blissful
lovemaking. They can never be, each belonging to another but in the short
time they have with each other, nothing else matters. Like two ships passing
in the night with the waves each one makes will bring their heart and soul
crashing to the surface of reality. There is just this moment. This now.
E.A. Chapterhouse, In the Mood (The muse) Time is the enemy as Elliot (master)
and Amy (sub) make the best of the time given to them. The day before New Year’s Eve
as the two arrive at their destination for a hot and domineering love fest only to
have their plans interrupted. A night of control as Master commands Amy to multiple
orgasms before their precious time is over.
Elizabeth Woodham, Wicked Games Matthew and Eleanor share a special
relationship. Communication through notes and journals are the aphrodisiac for
hot and steamy moments spent in each other’s arms. Christmas Eve and Matthew shares
his past with his lover, Eleanor. A note describing his first crush on a woman, the loss of
his virginity to whom he considered the love of his life until his puss. Connecting like only Matt and
Eleanor can a night of games will prove to be the stimulus for an exciting night. There will
be no losers in this game as Matty and Eleanor climax into a Merry Christmas.
Hedonist Six, Virgin A recent breakup has “her” reflecting on life, she
needs to explore if there is “more” out there in the world for her to experience.
She prepares a “to do list”. Virgin, Silver fox Stranger, Threesome. Where does one
find a virgin…an online hook-up site provides the path she will travel, her tag line…
No Commitment, only pleasure. It doesn’t take long before she finds herself having
to make a decision…can I do this? Yes, she can!
Jason Jaxx, White (Lights Out) Reminiscing a failed relationship as Jack makes
his way home from an agonizing shift at work. Lisa, the one who ripped out his heart
after he made the mistake of saying three little words. “They talked easily, fucked
ferociously, laughed frequently and argued more,” until one night…
Haunting memories are his only company on the road and then something
Kay Jaybee, A Pair Well Met Fantasies, we all have them, sometimes we
even act on them, to make them feel real. Kate’s fantasy is a tall man with
strong arms, a deep voice and masculine hands…hands that are worthy of delivering
the climax she craves. She meets her match when Peter enters her life and the
two square off in the match of the century. He knows what she craves and he’ll
give it to her for a price…The taming of Kate, think again!
Kay Jaybee, Blinked On the hunt for an evening of pleasure and sustenance
A she vamp meets who she thinks will satisfy her needs. Using her power of will the
loser will blink…Game On!
Kay Jaybee, The New Year Dance Curiosity hovers in a tree waiting to see
if the rumors of a New Years Eve orgy beneath it are true. Voyeurism comes with
a price and many do…10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-Positions!
KM Dylan, The Future First Lady of France Katie, an American in France is preparing
to wed a prominent Frenchmen who may be the next President of France. Free spirited and
sexual she will have to tone down her evil ways and become dignified.“What have I
gotten myself into”. A funny and steamy threesome with friends is not the answer
not to mention an ex who turns up to stake his claim!
Livilla Sanders, Irrecusable Imagine this… New Years Eve, a party and a woman
who desperately needs a good fuck. It’s been a while since Kate has been pleasured
by a man in the way she needs. As the clock counts down Kate finds what it is
that has been missing. The smell of sex is in the air and the descript words of
the author will leave you wanting more…for yourself!
M.J. Carey, Glove While mourning the loss of her lover Olivia reflects
on the intimate and sexually gratifying experiences the two shared. No flowers
for her man, panties, ones that carried the scent of her arousal will only do.
M.J. Carey, A Penheligonn Christmas A Christmas like no other as
sisters Danielle and Alicia celebrate with the help of their female sex slaves!
Nicely wrapped!

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Midwinter Tales 2013

Midwinter Tales 2013

Gratis, Midwinter Tales is a collection of short erotic stories set around Midwinter, Christmas and New Year.

Things are heating up around here; all contributors are working furiously to get the FREE Anthology ready before our scheduled release date of 12th December. Having read quite a bit of what will be in there already, I can confidently say that this collection is not one to miss!


Chloe Thurlow – Snow Falls Softly

E.A. Chapterhouse – In the Mood

Elizabeth Woodham – Wicked Games

Hedonist Six – Virgin (Rebound List One)

Jason Jaxx – White (Lights Out)

Kay Jaybee – A Pair Well Met, Blinked, The New Year Dance

K M Dylan – The Future First Lady of France

M. J. Carey – Glove, A Penheligon Christmas

Spotlight on: It’s a Sin by Elizabeth Woodham


It’s a Sin
Elizabeth Woodham

Website: http://www.secretnarrative.com

Twitter username: SecretNarrative

Genre: Erotica, Literature/fiction, Erotic Romance/short Stories

Purchase Links:

Amazon US:http://amzn.to/16pU9Vh
Amazon UK:http://amzn.to/156lkth

Did I mention it’s FREE today!


My Review

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. (Sir Walter Scott)

What starts out as a weekend fling soon finds Owen and Anna deep in lust with one another. Their bodies responding in perfect harmony to every touch, kiss and intimate exploration.

This is written by Elizabeth Woodham, so expect the unexpected.

There are seven deadly sins that will touch Owen and Anna.
Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed and Pride.

Some will be pleasurable and exciting and others will cause extreme pain.
Envy and Wrath will be troublesome, someone wants what Owen has, Anna!

If you already read Lust ( It’s a Sin) this is the continuing story of Owen and Anna.
If you haven’t no problem because Lust (It’s a Sin) is the first chapter or sin in this book.