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Cover Reveal: Fortune by Lauren K. McKellar

Title: Fortune
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Genre: Standalone Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: KILA Designs
Release Date: November 16, 2017

Grace Storey can’t wait to escape her small-town chaos and
head for the big city for three main reasons: Work. Better cell-phone service.
And the prospect of meeting her very own Prince Charming. After all, when the
guy you crushed on since high school turns out to be a psychopath, and the only
viable alternative is Creepy Keith, you need to take drastic measures to ensure
life as a crazy cat lady is not in your future.
What she doesn’t need is a bad-boy musician with a penchant for getting under
her skin. Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll are the last things on her mind.
Darcy Fortune has three things on his mind: Sex. Drugs. And
rock ’n’ roll (in that order). It’s how it has to be to keep the pain from his
past at bay. After all, when you’ve hurt someone you love, it’s easier to numb
the pain to keep on surviving. Easier to turn off your feelings than face the
cold, harsh truth.
What he doesn’t expect is the sassy journalist with so much soul in her eyes.
Could this woman be the one who breaks him?
Staying in control has never been as hard as this.

Fortune is a brand new standalone romantic comedy from Lauren K. McKellar.

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underwear is missing.
I know it
like I know how to make the perfect meringue mix in minutes. I know it like I
know that the grapes on the vineyard are just starting to grow, perfect little
plump circles of ripeness.
I sigh,
staring up at the washing line once more.
The pair of
plain white cotton knickers are most certainly no longer there.
And it
could have been anyone. It could have been a magpie picking them off the line.
My sister, Eva, having a romp in the vines with her sexy fiancé, needing a pair
to walk home in after hers had been ripped off in a fit of passion. My
grandmother deciding they were inappropriate for public display.
But my gut
tells me different.
My gut
tells me that perhaps my ex-boyfriend is the one to blame for the
panty-napping, and that I’ll never see those comfortable tighty-whities again.
I run my
hands through my hair, staring up at the clear blue sky. Why can’t I just have
one morning where I feel in control? Where things in my life happen the way I
want instead of dictated by someone else?
I look back
toward the homestead.
Eva stands
on the front porch, waving at me. “I’ve made you an appointment with my
therapist for next week.”
“Pardon?” I
frown. What is she talking about?
therapist. She’s really good,” she replies. “After everything that happened
with the fire, I thought it might help.”
“I don’t
need a therapist,” I reply.
“You think
that now, but trust me, once you see her, you’ll love having someone to talk
to.” She pauses. “Oh! Speaking of, I also signed you up for a new phone
contract with Connor and me. We got a good package deal, lots of inclusions,
and …” She keeps talking, but I don’t listen. She’s organising my life. Doing
it again.
And I know
she wants nothing but the best for me, but I’m sick of not being in control.
I’m sick of being little Grace Storey, the younger sister who has to laugh off
her ex-boyfriend’s borderline stalkerish behaviour, the one who does as she’s
told all the damn time.
I’m sick of
it all.
sometimes in life, you need a sign. A sign that perhaps it’s time to shake
things up, to move forward. To go and find your fortune.
And as I
look up at the clothesline, the spot where my underwear should have been, it’s
never been clearer to me in my life. It’s time I leave this small country town
for the big city, and start a new life.
It’s time I
take control.
Author Bio

Lauren K. McKellar is a writer of contemporary romance reads
that make you feel. This hybrid-published
USA Today
best-selling author loves writing books with stunning local
settings, heart-throb heroes, and leading ladies who overcome great hardships
in their lives.

In addition to writing, Lauren loves to read, and you can often find her up at
all hours of the night with a glass of wine, some chocolate, and a good book.
She lives by the beach in New South Wales, Australia, with her husband, infant
son, and their two dogs. Most of the time, all four of them are well behaved.

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Release Blitz: Fast by Lauren K. McKellar


Title: Fast
Series: Not Like the Movies
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 25, 2017


Quinn Hamilton had it all—A grades, a loving family, and a spot on the waitlist for the latest Hermes handbag.
The one item left unchecked on her to-do list was her brother’s best friend, Liam, and that was only

because Braden was overprotective when it came to his mates. When tragedy struck, Quinn was left with nothing. Not even the handbag made it. 

Three years later, Quinn’s focused on the things that count—getting a steady job, looking after her mother, and playing it safe.

Her dreams of working for a fashion magazine haven’t just left the building—they’ve dived into the gutter, never to be touched again.

But when completing a two-week internship in the city, Quinn meets someone who makes her do the
one thing she’s been trying desperately to avoid—feel.
Will this sexy man who knows so much of her history help her go after what she wants? Or is their brand
of passion as outdated as last season’s trends?
She’s running from her past, but her past is running faster.


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Author Bio
Lauren K. McKellar is a writer of contemporary romance reads
that make you feel. This hybrid-published best-selling author loves writing
books with stunning local settings, heart-throb heroes, and leading ladies who
overcome great hardships in their lives.
In addition to writing, Lauren loves to read, and you can
often find her up at all hours of the night with a glass of wine, some
chocolate, and a good book. She lives by the beach in New South Wales,
Australia, with her husband, infant son, and their two dogs. Most of the time,
all four of them are well behaved.


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Release Blitz & Giveaway: The Twenty-One by Lauren K. McKellar




Title: The Twenty-One
Series: Emerald Cove #2
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 21, 2015




I look both ways before I cross the road. I knot my laces twice. Boring? Sure. But it’s also settled. Stable. Safe.And I like safe.

Because broken bones may be hard to heal, but broken hearts are even harder. And when the man I loved and lost comes charging back into my life, I won’t fall for his charms again … will I?

Joel Henley just might be my biggest risk yet.


My name is Ellie Mayfield. And this is my undoing.




 US:  http://amzn.to/1ly7n0G

UK:  http://amzn.to/1NfErXL

iBOOKS:  http://apple.co/1MYBDMF

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There’s something so freeing about this moment—something so dangerously safe, yet all-consuming. Going fast takes the breath from my chest.

It’s a feeling I’ve run from, but damn—it’s so addictively good.

We come to a stop four laps later, and as the car softens its roar to a throaty hum, my breath finally slows, my chest rising and falling at a speed of normalcy. Joel reefs the helmet from his head and turns to me, his face alive with excitement. “Holy shit, El.”

I laugh, and it’s so freeing. So liberating. I undo my own helmet and rest it in my lap. “That was … wow.”

“Right?” He laughs again, and then reaches across the console to take my hand with his warm one.

“I liked it way more than I thought I would,” I admit, and this time his fingers squeeze mine.

“What were you so afraid of, Ellie?” Joel asks.

You, I want to say. I’m afraid of you breaking my heart again.

“Come on, Ellie. Tell me.”

I pause, my eyes on the road we’re hurtling down with no brakes. “Life. Death.” Then, after a moment … “Falling.”

He reaches over and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

My heart stops.

My breath stills. 

“I’ll promise to be here to hold you, Ellie.” His words send a shiver down my spine. “I’ll catch you when you fall.”


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 Author Bio
Lauren K. McKellar is the author of romance reads that make you feel. She lives by the beach in Australia with her husband and their two dogs. Most of the time, all three of them are well behaved.
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The Book Affair Volume 1 Cover Reveal & Giveaway




Title: The Book Affair Volume 1
Authors: Various
Cover Design: Belinda Boring
Release Date: February 2, 2015
not cheating when it’s fictional …
11 full length romance novels for the price of one
Authors include:
York Times, USA Today and Bestselling Authors Belinda Boring, Melanie Codina,
L.P. Dover,
Jessica Gibson, Lisa M. Harley, B.J. Harvey,
S.M. Knowles, Lauren K. McKellar,
Heidi McLaughlin, J.D. Rivera and Crystal Spears


Loving Liberty by Belinda Boring


Liberty Montgomery is many things:

A dutiful daughter.

Perfect wife-in-training.

Easy to manipulate.


But secretly she wants more.

For years, Liberty has dreamed of a life filled with opportunities—a life where
she makes the decisions, living by her own rules. Unfortunately, her parents
have other plans for her, ones that involve her submission and total obedience.
Every attempt to break free from their control is met with threats, leaving her
feeling trapped. Just when all seems hopeless, Liberty meets Oliver Nichols.
With just two words, be brave, he stirs up her secret longings for more . . .
friendship, fun, and independence. He almost has her believing her dreams are
possible. However, taking a stand can be terrifying when you’ve spent your
entire life pleasing others.

Are some chances worth taking? What would she risk for freedom?


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Love Realized by Melanie Codina


Jake and Gillian have been friends since high school. As friends, they
have supported each other through all the typical life changing events such as
marriages, births, divorces and even death. Gillian couldn’t be more thankful
for the bond she shares with Jake than she is when all the shameful secrets of
her marriage appear front and center, demanding attention. The emotional
support she has so freely given to her friend over the years is returned in
full force as she nurses the wounds of her failed marriage. But when she starts
to notice there might be more to her feelings than just friendship….is she
willing to risk what they already have, for what might be???
For Jake, it has always been Gillian. If only she knew she has owned his heart
since the day he met her. After watching her fall in love with one of his best
friends, he accepted his fate of being one of her closest friends and locked up
the deeper emotions he felt for her. So when he watches her marriage fall apart
before his very eyes, he knew she would turn to him for support. What he wasn’t
prepared for was the return of those emotions he had long ago locked away. It
didn’t take long for him to figure out that this was his chance and he wasn’t
about to let her slip through his fingers again. He only needed to make her
realize, his love for her was real.


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A Fighter’s Desire by L.P. Dover
Two is always better than one.
What would you do if you were given the chance to spend the night with not one,
but two fighters? Would you do it? Could you open yourself up to the pleasures
they offered and do exactly what they said in order to pass on to the next
round?It was common knowledge that Ryley and Camden Jameson, well-known MMA fighters
and identical twins, were just as aggressive and passionate in the bed as they
were in the ring. The only problem was that if you didn’t pass their test on
the first night, then you didn’t proceed to the next round. They loved a good
fight, and that’s what they got when they met Ashleigh Warren.Ashleigh knew what was going to happen when the twins approached her with a
proposition, and needless to say, she knew exactly how to handle them … or so
she thought. The rules had changed, and in order to get them both she had to
first spend one night with each and last until they were done with her. It was
a proposition she couldn’t refuse, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to win.
However, it was one that she was going to enjoy.
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The Deeper We Get by Jessica Gibson


Chad Langer was
always running. Running from his past, afraid of letting himself be happy and
free. College was going to be his new start. New city, new school, new people.


Scarlett would be his undoing. He knew it the moment he saw her. Something in
her eyes called to him. She was just as broken as he was.


Sometimes the past doesn’t stay in the past. Will they be able to overcome the
obstacles set in their path?

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Destined to Change by Lisa M. Harley


Destiny…it’s really an interesting thought isn’t it…destiny.
Loralei Harper’s destiny was determined before her birth. It was very simple.
She was expected to graduate from high school, marry Declan Sharp, and have two
kids. She would stay at home with them, while her husband worked on the family
farm. But the funny thing about destiny is…it can change in the blink of an
eye. Now Loralei has to figure out what to do when everything changes.
Declan Sharp, a sweet country boy, grew up with Loralei. Their parents couldn’t
have planned their relationship any better. Loralei was the love of his life
and their future was bright, but sometimes life gets in the way of your plans.Jaxon Daniels, a pierced, tattooed, badass with a gentle soul, just wanted to
get out of the city and relax in the country for a little while. The last thing
he was looking for was right in front of him. With skeletons in his closet,
will he be able to hold on to the woman he loves, when the past comes out to
play?Cade Walker, a cocky cowboy, never gave love a second thought. Sex? Now that
was a different story. After a drunken night, all of that changes when he feels
something for Loralei…with his heart. This good ole boy learns that alls fair
in love and war.

What happens when all of these lives cross paths? Whose destiny will change and
who will get their happily ever after?

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Blissful Surrender by B.J. Harvey


This is a story of Sean Miller, a dom that will have your panties diving
for cover with an eyebrow quirk. That will have even the strongest woman
dropping to their knees in submission with a piercing stare, and Samantha
Richards, a female cop who’s tough, seemingly impenetrable shell is strong
enough to resist everyone except the one man it was build up to protect her
**Disclaimer – If you thought the first two Bliss books were hot, you ain’t
seen nothing yet. Creative use of handcuffs, batons, a club scene you have to
read to believe, and a tough as nails dominant who is blindsided when the one
woman strong enough to disarm him threatens his resolve not to let his past
dictate his future.
**Like the other books in the Bliss series, this book can be read as a stand
alone. There are common characters in the books but it is not necessary to read
the first two books in the series to read this one.


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Runaway by S.M. Knowles


At seventeen years
old, Courtney Apuzzo is fed up. With a dead mom and an alcoholic father that
beats her every chance he gets, Courtney decides that enough is enough. Packing
up only what she needs, Courtney leaves home without telling a soul and heads
off to find her new life.


Life on her own is not exactly as she thought it would be. With nowhere to
stay, Courtney finds herself sleeping on an old stoop in an abandoned apartment
alleyway. A chance meeting with a new group of friends seems like a great
beginning to her second chance at a real life. But everything is not as it


Tricked into a life she never wanted and fears, Courtney needs to run away,
again. She needs to find a way out of this new and dangerous life. With the
help from a man she barely knows, will Courtney find her way out? Or will she
find herself on the run from a dangerous past, and a hopeless future? Faced
with a choice that will change her life forever.


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The Problem With Crazy
by Lauren K. McKellar


The problem with crazy is that crazy, by itself, has no context. It can
be good crazy, bad crazy … or crazy crazy—like it was when my ex-boyfriend
sung about me on the radio.
Eighteen-year-old Kate couldn’t be more excited about finishing high school and
spending the summer on tour with her boyfriend’s band. Her dad showing up drunk
at graduation, however, is not exactly kicking things off on the right foot—and
that’s before she finds out about his mystery illness, certain to end in


A mystery illness that she could inherit.


Kate has to convince everyone around her that her father is sick, not crazy.
But who will be harder to convince? Her friends? Or herself?The Problem With Crazy is a story about love and life; about overcoming
obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will
change your life forever.


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Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin


I was never supposed to be a rock star. I had my life all planned out
for me. Play football in college. Go to the NFL. Marry my high school
sweetheart and live happily ever after.
I broke both our hearts that day when I told her I was leaving. I was young. I
made the right decision for me, but the wrong decision for us. I’ve poured my
soul into my music, but I’ve never forgotten her. Her smell, her smile.And now I’m going back.After ten years.I hope I can explain that after all this time.

I still want her to be my forever girl.


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Defensive by J.D. Rivera

The follow-up novel to the novella Guarded.

Once you find the love of your life, it’s all sunshine and roses, right?

Not for most relationships and definitely not for Vanessa Smith and Jackson

Vanessa Smith is finally divorced from her ex-husband and is in a committed
relationship with basketball star, Jackson Berrios. Someone from Vanessa’s past
comes back into her life just when she needs a friend but could complicate the
relationship between her and Jackson. Will the couple be able to get through
their pasts coming back to the surface? Can two different circumstances tear
them apart or sear them together? Will they iron out their problems and have a
happily ever after…?

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Seize Me by Crystal Spears
Winter Belov was the
sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never
disappointed her father. One day, her father does the unspeakable. When he
turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with
her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again. 


No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada. Lana is her best friend and the
only family Winter has. Together, they are two of the best exotic dancers in
the county. While working a shift, Pyro, Lana’s long time crush, propositions
Winter. He begs her to do a private gig at Breakneck. She accepts, with the
condition that Lana dances with her.


When Winter’s eyes lock with Braxxon Breaker’s, the President of Breakneck, she
realizes she is no longer free; she has been seized. He is everything she is
running from but at the same time, everything she wants. Braxxon will not take
no for an answer, and purposely disrupts Winter’s life.

Rivals of Braxxon’s club are vicious and they do something that will have him
out for blood. Winter’s and Braxxon’s relationship is anything but a normal
one. If they want to be together, crimes must be committed, friendships will be
broken and people are going to die.


What happens when all that chaos mixes with Winter’s father locating her? It
will be a bloodshed when Winter and Braxxon seek revenge and take no

For readers 18 & up only!

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