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Release Day Review:  LANDON by Scarlett Edwards writing as E.A. Knight

Landon cover

LANDON by Scarlett Edwards writing as E.A. Knight

October 23, 2015

Length: 500 pages

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1W7971f


Can one night change your life? I never thought so.

But can one night with the right man change everything?

I am about to find out…

Fearful of exposing the secret she’s been hiding for years, Celeste Adams never lets feelings seep into her relationships with men. But when one sinful night introduces her to a gorgeous stranger she cannot simply forget, her resolve to remain unattached is threatened…

She resists the temptation to seek out more, while forging ahead on plans to recreate herself as a graduate student at the University of Chicago. And she does just fine, until that very same stranger waltzes back into her life as the very sexy, and very unattainable…

Professor James Landon.

… Suddenly our lives are thrown together on a collision course of the deepest passions. Neither of us knows how far this will lead. How powerful these feelings will become.

​Or, that our love is doomed from the very start.




LANDONLANDON by Scarlett Edwards
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Landon 1 photo Landon 1.jpg

I had mixed feelings about James Landon.
It was hard to figure him out.
It’s not that I didn’t like James but he seemed to be full of himself.
I like alpha, domineering, commanding but not conceited and in
the beginning that’s what I thought of him.

Of course, that all that changed as the story progressed.
He’s the answer to every woman’s orgasmic dream,
a never-ending stream of explosive ecstasy.

 photo 1 2 Landon 2_edited-1.jpg

I’ve asked this before in reviews, is there such a thing
as too many sex scenes in a book?
After finishing the book I decided it was James way of
keeping Celeste close.

Celeste Adams drove me crazy. Her back and forth inner battle
over her affair with James was agonizing. Jeez, one minute
she was in seventh heaven, the next she was running from
the man who took her there!

3 A Landon photo 3 Landon 3_edited-1.jpg

Fear keeps her from being honest with James and the
burden she carries is a whopper,
Her friend Summer was trouble with a capital “T”.
Celeste should have been honest with her right from the beginning.

Instead, she continued to lie rather than face the blowback.

Emotional overload, from licking my lips from all the steamy sex scenes to the frustration I felt as Celeste debated her relationship with James to annoyance because I had a hard time figuring James out and then to top it all off when it all came together I cried.
Surprise, shock and sadness as the story unfolds and the truth is told.
So not what I expected. I like that.

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Author Info

 I live near beautiful Seattle, Washington. I grew up reading all types of fantasy books before discovering the wonderful world of romances in high school.

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Amazon author pages: http://amzn.to/1GjNtQB






Drowning to Breathe by AL Jackson – Release Day Blitz & Giveaway


 Drowning to Breathe-ebooklg


The danger in pretending is it becoming real…

Sebastian Stone, Sunder front man and guitarist with a rap sheet about ten miles long, escaped to Savannah, Georgia, to get away from the trouble he’d caused.

Not find more of it.

The moment he saw Shea Bentley, he saw beneath all her sweet and innocence to something that went deeper.


Their relationship was built on secrets; their love built on lies.

Sebastian never imagined how deep her secrets went.

When the past and present collide, Sebastian and Shea find themselves fighting for a future neither believed they deserved. Their passion is consuming and their need unending.

Now, holding the truth in his hands, Sebastian is faced with sacrificing everything he’s come to love to protect Shea and his family.

Two pasts intertwined.

Two lives bound.

Will their demons drown them or will Shea and Sebastian finally learn to breathe?


Drowning to Breathe

A Bleeding Stars Novel, Book 2

AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/1K313DL

AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/1ghrzRp

iTUNES: http://apple.co/1LpMgD9


Lust and love fought for dominance in his expression when he tore himself away, and he slammed my door shut and ran around to his side. I didn’t hesitate to shift in my seat, my hand going to the flat, rigid planes of his abdomen as he shifted hard, tires squealing as he took to the street. I kissed at his neck and teased at his ear, fingers toying with the waistband of his jeans, while he groaned and tried to focus on the road.

“You tryin’ to kill me, Shea?”

I gasped when the car jerked and Sebastian made a sudden, sharp turn, and then another. He screeched to a stop on a deserted side street.

A fog of lust clouded my mind as I was yanked back onto his lap, my knees on either side of his legs, his needy cock grinding at the seam of my cut-off shorts as his mouth overtook mine.

Oh. God.

I moaned, fingers digging into his shoulders.

I arched up and pressed my breasts to his chest. They ached with just a glimmer of the need throbbing between my thighs.

Hot hands gripped the outside of my hips, forcing me back down on his dick that strained from his jeans.

I might have been on top, but he was definitely in control.

“Fuck, baby…what have you done to me…what have you done to me? Dying to be inside you. Have to feel you. Need you so bad.”

“You have me.”



He wanted nothing at all…
Until he found she had everything to give…
♥A Stone in the Sea On Sale♥
a stone at sea sale and preorder
Sunder lead singer and guitarist Sebastian Stone has
everything—fans, fame, and fortune. He also has a heart full of bitterness and
a reputation for a short-fused temper. But an outward reputation rarely reveals
the true man inside. Facing assault charges after trying to protect his younger
brother, Sebastian is sent to Savannah, Georgia to lie low until the dust
settles in L.A.
Shea Bentley is beautiful, kind, and hiding from the very
lifestyle Sebastian has always embraced.
When the mysterious, tattooed stranger begins hanging out at the
bar where she works, Shea is quick to recognize he is nothing but trouble, but
she’s helpless to the way her body lights up every time his intense gray eyes
tangle with hers.
They both soon find themselves drowning in a sea of desire and
passion that won’t let them up for air.

Sebastian knows firsthand secrets never die, and he’s not the only
one who’s hiding them.
Loving someone always comes with a price. But will it be Shea’s
past that costs them everything?

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance.
She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college
student. She filled the journals she
carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the
difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.
Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends
and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel.
A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her
husband and three children.
@aljacksonauthor #DrowningToBreathe #ReleaseDay
Connect with A.L. Jackson online:   www.aljacksonauthor.com


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Addison by Jennifer Foor Release Day & Giveaway



Addison Mitchell has been through tough times in her young
life. She’s recovered from a drug addiction, and begun a future helping others
with similar problems. Unexpectedly, she meets Cole Chase.
He’s handsome,
thoughtful, and falls head over heels for her immediately.
There’s just one problem…
Carrying the same last name as someone who brought the
Mitchell family so much pain leaves Cole unwelcome. Addison’s parents and
siblings will stop at nothing until they break up the couple.
Can Cole and Addison prove he’s nothing like his uncle,
Tucker Chase, or will the past keep them from having a future?



Amazon author: http://amzn.to/1em2bZX
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                             (Noah, Isabella, Christian, Jax , Jake and Addison)


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Jennifer Foor is
an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She’s best known for the Mitchell
Family Series, which includes ten books.

She is married
with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, writing
stories that come from her heart. 
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Dark Moon Rising by Michelle Dekker Release Day


Release Day Blitz

Book coverBook Title: Dark Moon Rising
Author: Michelle Dekker
Genre: Fiction
Release Date: June 27, 2015
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Book Blurb

When The Dark Moon Rises For The Second Time Gimini Will Be Turned. One Dark, One light Together Forever
Alex Hernandez has everything except her freedom. When the Dark Moon Rises for the second time Alex and her twin brother Xander is bitten by Raven a powerful supernova. Xander turns full supernova while Alex gets stuck between two world.

Her family disappears leaving only a piece of riddle behind. Armed with one piece of the riddle, she goes in search of them. Her search leads her across the European Continent.

During her travels she is tested mentally and physically beyond what she thought she could ever do. Death is determent to claim her but her love for her family makes her resilient to its clutches.

If this is not enough. She has to navigate her heart through a vampire and werewolf love triangle while facing her inner daemons and saving the human race from a fate worse than death.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1LhOOER

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1GflXwG

Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1Gt2lIw

Smashwords:  http://bit.ly/1GtOFwZ

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He pulled her into his arms. “You are safe.” He soothed. She pushed her face into his chest and held on tight. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I had a bad dream.”

“Sounds to me as if it were more than just a nightmare.” He stroked her hair, pulled back his hand. Red sticky liquid covered it. “You’re bleeding.”

“I am?” She touched the wet patch. “Damn.”

He turned her, pushed her head down, flipped her hair over and inspected the cut.

“I think we should get it checked out.”

“It’s just a cut.” She pushed away. “I’ve looked worse.” She reminded him.

Book Trailer

Meet the Author

Michelle Dekker is a South African born first time author. She lives with her husband and three four legged children on the Kwazulu Natal South coast. When she is not writing, she enjoys a good book, movie and the outdoors.

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Schooled by Piper Lawson Release Day


New Adult Contemporary Romance

Expected Release: June 1, 2015


Twenty-one year old Alexis Caine is so close to her dream she can taste it. And it tastes like validation and Häagen-Dazs.

In a few months she’ll graduate with a shiny new business degree and launch a fashion label with her best friend Ava. All the planning, the dedication, and the saying ‘no’ to everything—and everyone—will have been worth it.

Then Dylan Cameron, Ava’s tall, dark and broody younger brother, returns from the East coast. Lex has hardly seen him in years and given his reputation for partying, girls, and worse, that’s just fine with her.

But suddenly Dylan’s all grown up. And a dangerous night of unplanned confessions for both of them threatens to tear Lex’s carefully constructed world off its axis.

Because one sassy control freak plus one prodigal son equals chemistry that refuses to be ignored.


Amazon: http://amzn.to/1FPsu3Y

B&N: http://bit.ly/1SQRBdE


About the Author

Schooled is Piper Lawson’s debut novel. Piper loves reading and writing stories about sassy, sexy, smart women and the guys who fall hard for them.

Piper’s main household expenditures include books, shoes, and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. Coffee = life (and she’ll defend it accordingly, especially when cornered). Piper has two business degrees, neither of which she’s leveraged into a fashion label.

Home is Canada plus occasional sunny winter escapes.



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Two Wrongs Make a Right Ann Everett Release Day & Giveaway

twowrongsmakearight release day

Release Day Blitz


Book Title: Two Wrongs Make A Right
Author: Ann Everett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 16, 2015
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Book Blurb

All Quinn Dorsey wants is a white picket fence fairy tale. But after another failed relationship, and her biological clock ticking double time, she’s decided happily-ever-after isn’t in the Tarot cards. Forget Cupid, it’s time to take matters into her own hands. A simple seduction should do the trick, but then everything that can go wrong…does!

Dak Savage isn’t interested in commitment. He’s been burned by women before – lied to, used, even shot. Hell, he considers women a curse and has one rule he never breaks – don’t pick up women in bars. But when he agrees to a guys’ night out and meets up with feisty, fast talking Quinn, his rule shatters like a dropped shot glass.

A one night stand turns into a long weekend and as Quinn tries to abandon her ridiculous scheme, she finds herself nose-to-nose and toe-to-toe with the best mistake she’s ever made.


Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1C7I9I5

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1Ddo6f3


The doorbell tinkled as the patron left, and Raynie locked the door behind him. “Ooh, hurry. Come here. There’s Rico.”

Quinn spun around. “Who’s Rico?”

“The tattoo parlor guy.”

Quinn moved to stand beside her friend and froze in place, staring out the front window. Tattoo Man swung his leg over the Harley, as if dismounting a pommel horse worthy of a perfect ten. He removed his helmet, strapped it to the cycle, and threaded fingers through long, dark hair. Tribal tats began at his biceps, ran up his shoulders, and disappeared beneath a sleeveless black leather vest. He wore tight jeans, faded in all the right places. He adjusted his junk and went inside his shop. Quinn drew a ragged breath. “Lord Jesus. He’s…he’s….”

“Yeah,” Raynie whispered. “The word you’re searching for is hot. I can introduce you.”

Quinn clutched her throat, and wondered how just the sight of a guy could make her nerve endings crackle, because she had some serious electricity running through her. “I wouldn’t know what to do with him.”

“That’s the beauty of it. He’d take care of the doing. Oh, I almost forgot. How’d the date go?”

“It didn’t. He stood me up. Can you believe that?”

“That’s awful. Rico could make you forget this horrible evening.” Raynie let out a long, dramatic sigh, then flashed a grin.

“Why haven’t you been with him?”

Her smile widened. “Who says I haven’t?”

Quinn scrunched up her face. “Ewww. Then I’m not interested for sure. I have a strict moral code. I don’t share penises with friends.”

Meet the Author

Ann’s been married to the same man since dirt. She hates talking on the phone. Loves shopping at thrift stores. A really sharp pencil makes her happy, and she’s glad wrinkles aren’t painful.

She lives on a small lake in Texas.

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Kennedy Ryan’s BE MINE FOREVER Release Day & Giveaway

BMF Release Day Blitz Banner
Happy Release Day to Kennedy Ryan and the third book in The Bennetts Series – BE MINE FOREVER! Make sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and an ebook of this book! #ComeForCam

Join the Release Day Party on February 5th on Facebook and join in on the FUN with authors, games, prizes and MORE!

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be mine forever


Can a secret crush . . .

Jo Walsh has loved Cameron Mitchell for as long as she can remember. Whether front and center in her life or on the periphery, the tall, brooding artist has made his presence seductively and irresistibly known. But whenever they start to get close, Cam pulls away. Jo’s tired of keeping her feelings in a box Cam is afraid to open. If he wants her, he’ll have to prove it. And if he doesn’t, Jo will need to know the real reason why . . .

. . . become the love of a lifetime?

How do you walk away from your soul mate? Cam wishes he knew. No matter how far he runs from Jo, he can’t resist looking back at the silver eyes that seem to see right through him. But as well as Jo thinks she understands Cam, the dark truth about his past is something she shouldn’t have to handle. Cam’s sure that setting Jo free is the right thing to do. Too bad his heart has other ideas . . .

BMF Teaser Tues 1.20



At thirteen years old, Jo had fantasized about her first kiss. In her mind, it would be with Cam. She had practiced on her pillow and French-kissed her hand. She had positioned herself just so during Spin the Bottle, but Cam’s bottle had never landed on her. He’d never even hinted that he’d wanted to kiss her, that he fantasized about her, too. So all she’d had were daydreams. And in those daydreams, Cam nibbled at her lips. Slipped his tongue into her mouth, shy as she was. He was gentle and careful.

This was not that kiss.

This kiss was made of sweet smoke and embers. It sizzled on her lips and seared her senses until she could only feel and taste and touch and see him. The whole universe whittled down to this man completely possessing her with a kiss. Sucking her tongue into his mouth. Pulling her lips between his teeth for tantalizing bites.

Cam walked them backward with slow, measured steps until he eased onto the bench, never leaving space between their mouths. He pulled her bare legs to either side of his hips, pressing against her back until her breasts were crushed against his chest. He lowered his head, nudging the straps of her camisole aside with his lips and sucking on her naked shoulder. Jo moaned, tipping her head back until her hair rained between her shoulder blades. Cam pushed the camisole down around her waist and pulled her breast into his greedy mouth. With every pull of his lips and tongue, she rolled her hips against him, a steady, sensual syncopation that shoved Jo over the edge. She took shelter against his chest, gripping his neck, huffing hot air into the collar of his shirt. Her thighs tightened around his hips, and her body released in shivers and whimpers and shudders.

She stilled little by little, falling against him, limp and pliant. Cam pushed her hair behind her shoulders, raining kisses over her collarbones and nipples until they peaked and begged for his mouth again. He suckled at her, sliding his hands inside her shorts, squeezing her butt and urging her against him.

“Cam, I just—”

“I know.” He looked up, anointing her nipples with his words. “It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I want it again and again and again.”


kennedy ryan

Kennedy Ryan writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She always give her characters their happily ever after, but loves to make them work for it! It’s a long road to love, so sit back and enjoy the ride. In an alternative universe and under her government issue name, Tina Dula, she is a wife to the love of her life, mom to a special, beautiful son, and a friend to those living with autism through her foundation Myles-A-Part, serving Georgia families.

Her writings on Autism have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and she has been featured on the Montel Williams Show, NPR, Headline News and others. She is donating a portion of her proceeds to her own foundation and to her charitable partner, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).

Her interview series MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS is featured each month in Modern Mom.

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Book 1 – When You Are Mine

Amazon | B&N | Kobo |iTunes

Book 2 – Loving You Always

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Book 3 – Be Mine Forever

Amazon | B&N | Kobo |iTunes